Powering down SP/Funds to main account, but UNDY is going to "DELI" a larger amount to offset the 170 SP "losses" >>>

in minnowbootcamp •  3 months ago

At least 200 SP DELI (or more) so it will be a Wash, or a slight increase ;)

MBC LIVES!!! 😉 😊 😋 😎


Still accepting new members, plankton, redfish and minnows that need a BOOST! Plus anyone Bigger that wants a vote, we will SWAP VOTES with YOU!


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Delegation assigned. Wrong account? DM me.



@minnowbootcamp would be the correct account if you wish to DELI

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Can't join the MBC Vote Bot, but have a little bit of SP left to delegate. So, will now look for the main account, to give a bit of delegation. MBC-Meps has supported me for a long time. Time to give back.