My MinnowBooster Competition Entry!

in minnowbooster •  3 months ago

Heres the short written Part, See video for full answers.

1.1:How did I join Steemit?: Youtube
1.2:What can be found on my Blog?: Various types of content, Mainly Music & Vlogs
1.3:How has MinnowBooster Helped my Career?: Big Upvotes mean more exposure!
1.4:What do I love about MinnowBooster & its services?: Offers people multiple ways to use their SP + Gives people a shot to get to trending and be seen!

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Good job I guess. Always nice to see avenues to help minnows

I am really getting tires of Steemit now, I pray I still keep it going.

Man, where you been? Also, it is like the same thing.