Tutorial- How to Lease SP from Minnowbooster!

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Hi guys, today we will see how to Lease SP from Minnowbooster. There are other services provided by bot too which you can check Here!

To lease you need to send STEEM to minnowbooster.
For 1 STEEM, you get 65 SP for 1 week.
For 10 STEEM, you get 250SP for 4 week
For 10 STEEM , you get 200 SP for 6 weeks and so forth!

There are 2 ways you can send STEEM to minnowbooster.


Step1.Go to https://www.minnowbooster.net/lease

Step2. Enter your username, SP wanted and number of weeks


Step3. You will be redirected to new window, click on continue


Step4.Enter you username and master password or active private key ( can be found under wallet->permissions->click on login to show next to active key

Step5. You should be able to confirm and have successfully requested SP.


Step1.Go to your wallet and click on down arrow next to STEEM, click on Transfers
Step2. Enter minnowbooster in to field , to lease 250 SP for 4 weeks, enter amount 10 and in memo enter 4. To lease 65 SP for 1 week enter 1 amount in Steem and you can leave memo blank.

Step3. Click on submit, enter you password and you will get a reply in wallet from minnowbooster when lease is successful!

Join the Discord Channel for latest news and to have any other queries answered!

Special thanks to @reggaemuffin :)

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This is by far the very best guide and I searched for hours @minnowbooster reading every post trying to find it. I could not find it because they didn't write it you did. I forgot to favorite it in my browser. This is the type of things that let me know steemit is full of back end devs and very few front end guys... No SEO At All...

There services are mostly phenomenal and this is with a lot of things steemit related. So many great things that new members miss out on because there isn't clear concise all in one place information. And when you do find some info it is often outdated or broken links...The Good News Is That Steemit Really Isn't For The Lazy! I'm going to solve this problem and have already started on it. Thank you for sharing this post.

Excellent follow me @ joserc.vzla

what do you have to do with those extra sp to make those invested 10 sp back in 4 weeks time ?


higher sp mean you get higher curation reward for posts that you upvote, also you get a slider to play with once you have 500sp!


Vote for good content and not just posts that are known to do well. Leasing sp is not an investment but more about participating in steemit community


ok but there is no guarantee you can make those 10 sp back in 4 weeks .
and if you follow the money to vote for best profit, it doesn't mean you vote for best content and that means great content creators lose interest in steemit because of this.


I have a select bunch of my following who I know will produce quality content over 90% of the time. These people I use Steemvoter and always try to come back in the evenings or mornings and check in a read what's been written . This way both aurthor ad curator benefit the most and leave the door for convo open :)

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Isn't it risky to provide your password on another website (minnowbooster)?