hii i follow u please upvote me

6 to 7sbd each day is about right, same with what i got or i got little more by doing it myself and i dont lose 1 week from return sp to me once it is done.

Wow! That is such a steem power , wanna see the power here on this comment :) @oldtimer Nice Weekend!

Super interested to hear how it goes for you!

I get 6 to 7 sbd every day.

@oldtimer i tried to delegate its sending my money back... whats the max one can use this service for upvote... and whats the method you used in delegating...

how bro can you tell mee ?

@minnowbooster this is fabulous and a great post. Thanks so much

Wow amazing. I wish I have that much. Good job oldtimer :D

I'm also just getting started would appreciate if you would follow or upvote my post!

i agree with u.. follow & vote my post

wow I wish some one would donate me some power I am new here

So do I!
Good luck to all of us!

I get 6 to 7 sbd every day.

Oh that's good!

How much you spent to get that much steem power @oldtimer

I do not understand all this?

How much steem you sent for 10.000 steem power @oldtimer

That is cool! 10000 that is enough to buy an ok car!

Keep it up then, good job!

I REALy want to know how that delegaton of 10,000 Steempower made 3 months ago turned out for yiou??? ar ethese programs profitable? I am wondering if i should lease my SP to @booster or @minnowbooster

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