So you've heard about MinnowBooster?

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But you aren't sure what it's all about? Or perhaps you've just forgotten how to use some of the features. @nelkeljdm is here to help you get back on the MinnowBooster train!

In this refresher course video @nelkeljdm will show you how to use delegation bot, vote selling, how to upvote posts and gift votes to other users' posts.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop them in the comment section below or catch up with us on our friendly discord

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MinnowBooster is an Old G now i have been making good use of your services for a while now, thanks for your hard work guys...


Thanks for being a loyal customer!

Can you please boycott @jadabug..this is a stolen account. It was delegated to four others, three of which removed their delegation as they did not want to be dirty also...then the stolen owner just redelegated to you please help...The account was stolen October 14th 2018. I still have keys but they are worthless. I have asked them to power down and take the money just to give the account back ...they ignore me because they are evil. All I get is radio silence, from everywhere, do the right thing and drop them please. No one at steem cares. I did not lose the keys only had a baby and was too busy to get online to blog, Sincerely, Jada


Ok we have now blacklisted jadabug on minnowbooster, sorry again to hear that your Steem account got hacked and that more couldn't be done.


Thank you very much, I appreciate that there are some good guys out there on steem...renews my faith a bit. :) Happy Day! Melissa


Hi @joearnold, thanks for your message. BuildTeam is the parent company of MinnowBooster correct, I'm sorry to hear about the above. I will run this past our support team however it is difficult to get involved on such matters, ultimately the key holder has the power to delegate/undelegate and we have no way of proving your claims to be the original owner of the account. The risk with blockchain is that there is generally no recourse if you lose your keys for whatever reason, the same thing that protects you from custodial risks of banks etc also has downsides in terms of recovery. I will however have our team look into the history of the account and try determine if it warrants blacklisting.


Thank you, I still have the keys and all of the original I mentioned, but the account was taken somehow? It was dormant for a year before this happened but that should not matter. Thank you for whatever you can do, it is sincerely appreciated. If you could talk someone into a reset that would be spectacular, but I doubt that can happen. Thank you again for your quick response.
Melissa and Jada :)


Normally the account can potentially be recovered within 30 days if the password was reset and you still held the original keys, however too much time has passed for this to be possible. I have requested this account be assessed for blacklisting however.


A great time to start as things are starting to pick up! Thanks for thr refresher!

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      Hello, I have some issues with my minnowbooster account And it is that, although I have performed the procedure described in the video a year ago, the truth is that it has not generated income for me, it does not sell my votes and I even had to undelegate steempower because it doesn´t pay me, also doesn´t add my referals if you can help me i will really appreciated.


Did you delegate to the bot or started selling your vote? And how much SP are we talking about?


     Well, thinking it better I delegate 1.800 sp almost like a year and it was giving me 0.001 SP daily, but it must be when the steem went down when stop giving me profits on SP.


@artax89 your account has only 18SP, it is possible it is too small to be effective for vote selling. Please confirm that you were vote selling and not delegating to @minnowbooster as asked by @reggaemuffin below? Also do you mind screenshotting your voteselling settings if you are vote selling.

Also please confrim what affiliate URL you are using.

Congratulations @minnowbooster!
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@minnowbooster I sent some SBD to you for an upvote and I don't think it has worked. Can you please check?


Hi @contrabourdon, You have been voted for your value of 0.693 SBD and 1.726 SBD was returned to you as a refund because we did not have enough votes available. Please check your wallet.

If you have any further questions then please come chat to me on Discord.


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