Note to Minnowbooster users and delegators

So this morning has found everything a little "upsy downsy" on Steemit with the last fork, namely HF20 somewhat "successfully" behind us.

As bandwidth was replaced with Resource Credits, most people (and not ´many´, like some witnesses are telling us, are noticing that they cannot interact or do absolutely anything on Steem(it) because the have negative resource credits.

Don't panic! This is perfectly normal will pass soon.

A fix was deployed that will soon reset everyone's resource credits to zero, from where it can start increasing rapidly.

What does this mean to Minnowbooster users and delegators?

Delegators to the bot will suffer a brief decrease in profit and APR, as users are not able to post nor boost anything. Minnowbooster is still able to vote but we have to wait for users to start coming online again. At the same time, Minnowbooster's VP is drained and will take some time to recover.

Lessees and delegators on the DLM will both suffer, but we'll have to grind this one out together.

Lessees will see their leased SP run out of time while they cannot use it, but this is something that cannot be blamed on the delegators. Some delegators have their delegations expired and they cannot commence a timely undelegation to start their SP cooldown period. Likewise - this is not the fault of lessees. So grind it out and take some time to reflect and plan your moves.

When the system is up and running again, start with new energy and ethusiasm.



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I am still trying to figure out the "success" of Hf 20. In fact, this is the first post I'm able to make after the upgrade/hf 20.0.


lol 😂 Please, let me know if you manage to figure it out even by accident.

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Sure. I'll let you know, @ana-maria 😂.

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Push HF 20, they said. Will be fun, the said!

Ha-ha can finally comment and be like damn this thing lol

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If you have any suggestions about what we should change or add to @minnowbooster............... i think adding steem as a payment option would be nice..........

I'm finally able to post something.