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Last week we introduced some of our community projects and also asked for your help on identifying excellent authors who haven't yet been recognized as well as they deserve to be here on Steemit.

Our initial fear was that we would not get enough interaction on our call-to-arms, nominating quality authors. But luckily, you proved us wrong.

The fact remains, that even with Steemit usage down, many choose not to give up and still blog here, despite small rewards.

We reviewed everyone, who was nominated. To our surprise, we found some good stuff and have to admit, choosing a winner was hard for us.

But in the end, there can be only one (at least in this project), so without further ado, here's our favourite:


Congrats, @garethb, who makes cars and photography look glorious and exactly how it should be. Mediocricity is often around us, luckily, garethb's blog doesn't suffer from this particular ailment.

We hope this win will bring more attention to his extraordinary blog as well as some more much-deserved rewards.

Congrats again, @garethb, please contact us on our Discord where we can iron ou the details of your prize.

Wrapping it all up!

For the rest of the nominated or self-nominated authors - you were all extraordinary and we hope to see you participate in our future contests as well. Good luck, everyone!

We have many more community projects and contests coming up, so make sure to follow us and stay tuned because we've got some really exciting news coming up that you don't want to miss!

Image credits: pixabay.com



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This is a great initiative. There a lot of writers there who produce quality posts but have not been acknowledged. Keep up the good work.

Awesome initiative! Great to see @minnowbooster showing some love and giving authors some much needed exposure. I'll be checking out @garethb blog thanks for this post :)

great initiative to move forward and become successful.Minnow booster is one of the best upvote platform

it's something very extraordinary in the quality of the project

Well done. Awesome initiative

@minnowbooster! Thanks for this kind of appreciation for the authors in steemit. The authors can give us more useful article for this kind of process.


Well done @minnowbooster best steemit bot service you are provide

Great initiative! It will be awesome if you do this again @minnowbooster

It’s an excellent initiative. This type of activities boosts other STEEMIT members to participate in better way. And try to post good articles.
And also new member will also join STEEM to get rewards and recognition.
As we all know that there is a sharp decline in STEEMIT active member.
Activities conducted by all may bring more active members and take part in the growth of STEEM.
Thanks again for your projects for recognizing STEEMIT members.

@minnowbooster I haven't been able to use your service because my steem connect says, non existent:/

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Mennowbooster good work


Minnowbooster :)


Thanks for the nomination and exposure @minnowbooster - glad to be recognized for this initiative :)

Congratulations @minnowbooster!
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I love the art work! 👍

Hello minnowbooster, i have a notification in my wallet saying i have been accepted onto the community driven whitelist and have access to perks etc- Without sounding horribly rude, and i truly do not mean to be, i've been on here 3 weeks and don't know a lot of things, do you have a blog or a link where i can read about it? And did someone invite me onto it? Do i need to invite someone else? It sounds awesome and i am happy to be on it :D I am just a bit confused over here. Ha.