Minnowbooster Tips for Minnows - Whitelist, Delegations and More!

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Hi everyone and happy October! In todays post, lets quickly talk about some points that come up in our support chat, some things that you might not be even aware of, and more.

You won't find solutions to all problems on Steem in this post, but it'll show you some opportunities you can find in our ecosystem. Make sure to visit our support chats if you have further questions and ping our team members.

First things first - the Whitelist

The whitelist is not some elusive magical animal or an elite club of privileged and spoiled kids, no.

The whitelist of our service is a community-managed list of users, who have proven themselves to other users already - proven, that they are not spammers, scammers, have something meaningful, beautiful or personal to say - whatever it may be.

So one of the most asked questions in our chat is - "How do I apply to the whitelist?" The answer is - there is no official applying procedure.

Instead, someone on the whitelist must notice you and make the decision to invite you to the whitelist, where you'll have to be voted in by 5 more users.

We encourage you to socialize, step into our Discord #whitelist channel and introduce yourself briefly along with your blog and Steem username. This goes a long way in your favor - maybe you will get some nice tips or even make some nice friends and followers!

What does the whitelist give you? Well, we at Minnowbooster still give profit on all upvotes, but for whitelisted ie proven users, we offer more profit on their upvotes and often even better availability. So why wait? Write good stuff, jump into our chat and make some acquaintances!

Delegating on the DLM

You might have thought that Steem is just for blogging. Luckily, that's not entirely true. Many services are built on top of the Steem blockchain and along with various communities, these services also are in need for Steem Power.

But what to do, if you don't have that much Steem Power? You can lease it on our delegation market, the DLM.

"Hold on, hold on!", minnows often pump the brakes, "That stuff is for the whales!" Luckily, they couldn't be more wrong. There are often small orders and sometimes even outright minuscule orders, that minnows can fill, delegating out their Steem Power and earn some starting capital with it.

You can visit our DLM page and sort the lease order by the their size here:


Just click on the column headings, to help you sort better and find suitable orders to fill.

So you see, even the smallest of minnows have options - if you don't know how to get your fellow Steemians interest by blogging or posting, don't give up! There's a whole big ecosystem out there!

Choose, whether to delegate to the bot (minimum delegation 10-20 SP) or fill orders of other users on the DLM.

If you want to see the potential return %, visit our stats page, which can give you an approximate of the returns from delegating to the Minnowbooster bot and also show you the highest % APR order on the DLM.


I hope that this short post was helpful. If it was, please spread the word and make sure to leave feedback! Catch you in the chat!

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It was really helpful and came at the right time for me. I wanted to delegate 100 steem power but didn't see what the estimated returns will be on the page I was on. Now I know I have to check the stats page. Kudos

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Perfect! Good luck!


Thanks @furious-one, after reading your post yesterday, I followed your instructions, went to d discord channel whitelist section, introduced myself & bang I was accepted. I did a promo with @minnowbooster & discovered it returned higher than usual. So thanks a lot. There really is so much one can do on @minnowbooster but most newbies don't know, it's post like yours that exposes what makes success possible on steemit & steem in general. Kudos

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Nice! First of all - thanks for the feedback, i'm glad that you were accepted - it's easy for good authors. And good luck on your journey!

I've been here a year and a half and still never rented any sp, I see other people doing it. My steem retirement plan is to get enough SP to just delegate out and sit back and do nothing


Nice plan, but you can start delegating user 2 user with smaller amounts too and you will see how it starts to stack up

Hi! Thank you for explaning tips of your service! I am just at the begginig of the way and as so as I have just a delegated SP(mana) I choose vote-selling option. But when I'll get enough my own SP I'll deffinitely delegate part of it to Minnowbooster service.


Looking forward to that. Thanks for the comment

I can attest to many of these great services helping minnows as they have helped me with my growth. Getting whitelisted is a great process and helps in providing feedback to your content so don’t be shy to ask questions to the community!


Thank you for your support!

I sent 0.01 sbd but i didn't get upvote. Please help

@minnowbooster, sorry to see you have less Steem Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Dolphin!

Do not miss the last post from @steemitboard:

Presentamos el Ranking de SteemitBoard

Support SteemitBoard's project! Vote for its witness and get one more award!

So we get whitelisted

Nice information

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Thanks your time! Really good post!

Glad to have found minnow booster :)


nice picture

This will be surely helpful for minnow a lot. A great information

Just received notice I was accepted to the whitelist!😉

Thanks so much! Will do my best to represent us well.

Thanks for the whitelist program. I have been sending some SBD with a link to my post, but I never went to the discord "channel" and promoted myself. It seems to be working well for me though. Am I missing anything?