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MinnowBooster - The Whitelist

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Hey folks, @trev03 from customer support with a refresher on our whitelist, how it works and the benefits of being a part of the Minnowbooster whitelist community.

We have seen tremendous growth amongst our loyal Minnowbooster users that make use of our upvote and delegation services which then go onto becoming whitelisted and enjoy the whitelist offerings. As a result, they show their gratitude by particiapting and growing the whitelist community.

The purpose of this post is to remind everyone of these service offerings as well as educating future prospective whitelist users and grow our community even further so that we can all aim to be the best versions of ourselves.

So by now I am sure that many of you are wondering why you should be a part of this, what the benefits of being a part of the @Minnowbooster whitelist community are and how you can become a whitelisted user.

To become a whitelisted user, it is possible someone may nominate you organically, but if you don't want to wait:

  1. Join our discord server via the link below and introduce yourself in the #whitelist channel.
  2. Tell us who you are and what you are about.
  3. Wait for someone to take interest.

Once someone who is already a whitelisted user takes interest in your blog, they will send you an invite and thereafter you go into a pool of pending invites which are in order of oldest first.

You are then reviewed by the community who will either say "Yes" to accept or "No" to decline. You will need 5 clean accept votes before you are accepted. But also please note that for every reject vote you will need 2 accept votes to counter the one reject, which will the have a nett result of giving you one clean accept vote.

So the next question, What are the benefits of being part of the whitelist?

  1. More profitability for a whitelisted user.
  2. Higher vote availibility.
  3. Whitelisted users are distingushed on the DLM, when you see a whitelisted user requesting a lease to be filled, you have peace of mind it's used for the right reasons.

Please come chat to us if you have any questions and we will be glad to assist.

Finally we'd just like to say that without you, the whitelist would not be possible. This is a community driven project highlighting the best in us as a unified group of like minded, quality content producers. Together we make Steem better!



Visit our website for more info!
Subsribe to our YouTube Channel
Join our Discord Chat
Get support and connect with us and other Minnowbooster fans!

We are always looking to improve @minnowbooster and try to keep you up-to-date whenever something changes. If you have any suggestions about what we should change or add to @minnowbooster, then please drop by and let us know!


Minnowbooster is a @buildteam project by
@thecryptodrive (witness), @cryptomancer and @reggaemuffin (witness)

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Can somebody invite me please, I will more than happy and thanksful :)

Well got this message in my wallet ....
Congrats! You have been accepted to the @minnowbooster Community driven Whitelist.
cool don't remember ever applying to go on it but cool... so now what lol Guess I will go read the site info....


You get a higher profit when you buy votes from minnowbooster as well as higher availability of votes. Welcome to the whitelist! :-)


Thanks ..ya was reading on the web page sounds intetesting ..guess i will give it a shot on my next good post ...

Congratulations @minnowbooster!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

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I can confirm that the whitelist works perfectly very well, it is a great thing to belong to and there are higher profitability on your promotions

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Ohh its really owsome

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Is there a service that a user here on Steemit can delegate Steem Backed Dollars (SBD) to? Is there a service/bot like MinnowBooster where delegating Steem Backed Dollars earns income?


Not at the moment @kibbjez, there is no blockchain support for SBD delegation, it is intended to be used as a store of value in USD and as a "stable" transactional token. The only way is to sell the SBD for Steem in the internal market, power up and then delegate.


Thank you for the response, I appreciate it.

This is a great tools that could help a lot of us to grow more fast, many many thanks a lot.


. . . "a great tools" . . . "more fast" . . . "many many thanks a lot" . . . well my ass simply doesn't have the option of not up voting that!


Sorry by englis mistake, but dear yes it is a great tools the white list, it could do the posibility to make power up slowly and in the procces give curation to others, and let you the oportunity to have better reputation too, maybe some times you lose money but remember in the investment world ot is a posibility, have a good day, thank you for comment.



thank you so much! i upvoted <3

How do I know if I am on the whitelist or not? Thanks.


You can check by logging into the Minnowbooster website and under User Info you can see your Whitelist status.


Oh, I found it. Thanks.

How do you know if you are white-listed? Under user info I see Available Whitelist Votes but no real indication, I am guessing I am not ?


You aren't on the whitelist but this post details how you can get onto it :-)

My first experience of using minnowbooster was amazing.After using it for the first time I even made a post about it.Their platform is extremely easy to use.They give back a profitable return to your investment for post promotion.

I am one of those people who is in their whitelist.I love using their service.Best wishes for the minnowbooster team.


Thank you for the compliments @philipkavan glad you find our services easy to use



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I am trying to have my lease today but I was not given.I.hope I could avail it

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