MinnowBooster : SuperGoat Competition Winners Announcement

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Hey folks, @nelkeljdm here following up with Steemians about the recent @minnowbooster SuperGoat competition we announced about 10 days ago. I was incredibly pleased to see all the amazing SuperGoat designs the community made for MinnowBooster!

Today I'm here to announce the winners of the SuperGoat competition so without further delay, check out the video below to get a look at some of these amazing SuperGoats!

Congratulations to our winners!

First Place: @guri-gure - Steemvoter Guild Vote

Second Place: @carlosd15 - 20 SBD Prize

Third Place: @niko3d - 10 SBD Prize

Don't forget. All contest winners must contact us via our Discord within one month of the winners announcement and send their winning submissions as hi-res images in a timely manner to our admins in order to claim the prize.

Thanks for participating in the SuperGoat contest!

Make your minnow folks proud! Navigate the waters like a pro!




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Congratulations all winners and honourable mentions! I'm curious what the critique was for my contribution so that it didn't make it to the top, or even mentioned. Want to improve for future participation and contribution to the minnowbooster project. Cheers!DQmSXpT6V6hqPqXVvPfufoPyqJvV2tLFqcjGWuonLX2LwZs.jpeg


@jnart, I think this was a fantastic submission and actually voted for it to win a prize myself. I believe that there just simply wasn't enough time to give honorable mention to all honorable illustrations. This one was fantastic, be assured it received a lot of praise behind the scenes. Thanks for participating!


Thanks for feedback! Actually I know quite a lot of things it lacked in terms of concept art - it was more of a comic painting - yet good fun. Hope you make an other one soon!


Wow yeah this one looks really good, very professional

Well done to all of the winners and everyone else who participated in this competition, we loved every single one! Thank you :)

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Congratulations indeed. This is their good fortune i suppose.

Wow 3rd place :) thank you for picking Vin "super goat" Diesel :D awesome art from everyone all round! Im super proud to be part of the contest and to make the top 3.


Thanks for participating, was really awesome to see some quality drawings like yours :)


Proud of you bro :)

I am so proud of baby @furious-one's fake-first place :) Freaky goat :D
Congrats to real winners!

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Congratulations to the winner.
I'm definitely entering next time if there is a next time.

Great job building the steem community @minnowbooster. And now supporting content creators as well.
These contests are awesome


There is always a next time when it comes to getting the Steem community involved with an exciting chance to win some steem and participate in an artistic adventure!

Aw darn. I wish I knew about this. I want to participate in minnow games!

hi Minnowbooster, I didn't get my upvoter. I sent 0.03 sbd. this link https://steemit.com/blog/@sumon130514/doing-women-in-success


Hi @sumon130514, i checked and the vote seems fine. The vote doesn't always come from minnowbooster itself, for details, always check the memo that Minnowbooster sends you. Check these images below:



Congratulations to the winner
I hope to participate in upcoming competitions and to be one of the winners
Really very special article

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Congratulates winners . Super hit competition @minnowbooster you are making this competition for fun .

Congratulation to all winners . Thanks everyone who participted on this compition. And also thanks to @minnowbooster

congratulations all of member who perticipat in this competition and wish good luck to the winner , we love every competitent.

thank you

Congrats to all winners!! Amazing entries in general, but yeah specially @guri-gure, @carlosd15 and @niko3d great job you guys!

Haha! Wow nice goat designs :) Congratulations to the winners! I'm starting to love your service again @minnowbooster!

congrats to @guri-gure

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I felicitate with the winners, may their steem fortune continue to increase. And may God bless the minnowsbusters for the good job they are doing in building a community of competitiveness.

That's really good one booster.

COngratx to the winners, i'll wait for the next contest.

Congratulations to the winner @guri-gure

That's so sweet of you guys..

Felicitamos a los ganadores. Espero poder participar en el proximo.

i just want to be a part of this movement..i love your work man..cheers!

Hello i am new user from pakistan

Hello @minnowbooster I have transferred the energy to Mrs. @kaoutar 28 days after the cancellation of the authorization and I have not yet reached the 130steem that I have delegated. Is there a problem with me?

Congratulations @minnowbooster!
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Whoa! I can't believe I won!
I thought my design didn't caught much attention on the contest post!
This is incredibly cool!
Thank you so much minnowbooster team!
Congrats to all the winners and participants as well!


congrats @guri-gure 😀 your Rocketeer Goat is really awesome 😊


Thanks bro! :D


😀 I will wait for your awesome post


It's already up, bro!
You can check it out here:


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When is the next contest? What are the rules for it?


We will publish a post with all of the rules when we are ready for the next competition :)


ok thank you

Haha! Wow nice goat designs :)

Congrats to the winner and hope to to my name in the winner list for next competation

congratulation all winners