MinnowBooster: Steem Monsters Contest RESULTS!

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Hello Steem Monsters fans! This is what you've all been waiting for. The judges have tallied up the results, looked over the submissions closely, examined the criteria for winning and submitted their picks. It is now time to show you which monsters we've selected.

Now before we do that please review the rules and criteria first so you can follow along with our selections:

In order to win a prize you must follow the instructions set out below:

1.) Create a Minnow Monster by hand or with graphic design software.

2.) Post your Minnow Monster in the comment section below along with 1-2 paragraphs about your monster (it could be about the process or a backstory, you decide. Or, if you'd prefer make a post on your blog about your monster and link to it.)

3.) Have fun with this and may the luck of the Minnow grace you with its blessing!

Criteria for Judges

We will be looking for the following traits in your creation to select winners:

1.) Creativity (go all out and really create something interesting!)

2.) Effort (give it your best shot and don't spare detail!)

3.) Shock Factor (we'd like it to be scary in the spirit of Steem Monsters!)

Now for a short video by @nelkeljdm highlighting the contest winners!

We are thrilled to present our contest winners with their prizes but we will need them to drop into our discord first and get in touch with us to work out details.

If you didn't win, better luck next time!

We want to thank you for your wonderful submissions. If you have ideas for future contests feel free to leave them below in the comments section!

Please note that we received some late entries after the post closed, thanks so much for entering but unfortunately we couldn't include your applications even if they were epic.

Thanks for your support.



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Oh wow it’s such an honor and I am very glad you like my Monsterwhale. The price is huge! I am very excited to open the alpha packs and giving the starter pack to my brother who is a magic the gathering fan...maybe this will convince hin to give Steemmonsters a chance ;)


We all loved your artwork! Congrats on winning and hope you can get your brother hooked on SM too. Enjoy the prizes!


Thank you do really enjoy Steemmonsters att all. My brother told me he had made some games so mission completed 😊✌🏼

@minnowbooster I'm sorry because I ask you this on an unrelated post but I think the DLM doesn't show an accurate APR for delegations. They're higher than they actually are. Here are two examples:


delegation of 150SP for 1 week with 0.9 STEEM payout says it has 18.7% APR

I use the following formula to calculate APR:
Payout/((Week x 7)+Cooldown) x 365/DelegatedSP x 100%

so, for that delegation request it would be:
0.9/((1 x 7+5)) x 365/150 x 100% = 18.25%

Here's another example:

According to the formula before The APR would be:
24/((4 x 7+5)) x 365/1500 x 100% = 17.67%

The two examples to are to prove this is consistent on all delegation request regardless of duration and amount of delegation.
I tested the same formula on @delegationhub and their APR shown on lease requests are consistent with the formula.

I don't know if this is a mistake or you simply use different formula to calculate your APR. If you do use a different formula i'd like to know the formula. Thanks!


I see what you mean, let me get back to you on this! But anyhow, contact us on discord https://discord.gg/S37bYma :)


This is how I calculate and also got same as yours:

((NrofPayouts * DailyPayout) / DelegatedSP) / ((( NrofPayouts + Cooldown) / DaysInWeek) / WeeksInYear)

((7 * 0.129) / 150) / (((7 + 5) / 7 / 52) = 0.006 / 0.033 = 0.182 (18.2%)

Thanks for letting us know!


Okay @ucukertz, our devs have identified and fixed the issue with APR displaying. The issue lied within steem/vests conversion, the calculation itself was correct. All new leases should now display the correct APR.


Thank you, I'm glad that this issue is fixed!


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Congratulations @minnowbooster!
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Thank you very much @minnowbooster and @nelkeljdm just today is that I realized that I won the second place hehehehe super happy!!!

dear friend i need help
please see and up vote my post.
we can support each other.

Thank you so much!