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MinnowBooster : Opportunities to Build Your Steem Account

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Hey folks, we hope you are having a lovely day! We'd just like to quickly remind Steemians about a few great opportunities MinnowBooster is currently providing in order to help Steemians grow their account.

In this article we will discuss 3 different areas which may be of use to you. Firstly, one way you can grow your account is through referrals!

How Do Referrals Work With MinnowBooster?

1.) It all starts with a link that can be found on your MinnowBooster.com user page.

Copy the link and gain referrals by sending your link to friends. The more users you get to sign up and use the platform, the more you make! Your referral will go into effect after the first use by the person you have referred.

2.) How much can I make from referring a friend?

Well, we've tried to structure it so you will receive 1.5% of the profit your referral generates on the site.

We don't just reward the person sending the referral link, we'll also give your friend a nice bonus as well. Each person that signs up with a referral link gets 0.5% of their own generated profit!

Are there any limits to the program or how much I can make by referring friends?

Absolutely not! The more you refer the more you get! It really incentivizes minnows to bring in their minnow friends but we're also happy to accomodate dolphins and whales! The more the merrier!

The MinnowBooster Vote Market

MinnowBooster is and always will be a service dedicated to serving minnows and helping them become more successful on the platform. We want to help each and every minnow but these days that is becoming increasingly difficult. Due to the massive growth to both our whitelist userbase and our normal userbase, we're almost completely out of votes to offer minnows.

How to use the vote selling feature with @MinnowBooster

The following tutorial was written by a very talented author that goes by @ilyastarar. It and more can be learned by reading his complete @MinnowBooster guide which can be found here:


How to Sell Your Vote

After becoming a member, you can use all the services offered by MinnowBooster. Selling your vote is a very simple process. It is explained below.

  1. Click My Account and then Edit Info as shown below.

  2. You need to enable vote selling to @minnowbooster by sliding the button to green. Then you should authorize the bot to vote on your behalf. Then you can adjust the minimum Voting Power below which the bot should not vote on your behalf. Finally, do not forget to update your information. Too much to digest? See the screenshot below.

  3. After enabling vote selling, you also need to authorize MinnowBooster to use your account to vote by clicking where asked. Clicking will take you to the authorization page. Click continue and enter your posting key to enable vote selling. Use active key only if you wish to use other services too.

  4. Do not forget to click the UPDATE button to save your settings.
  5. Let me share with you what happens after saving these settings. Whenever my VP is 75 or above, my account is used to give upvotes to users who send SBD and post URL to @minnowbooster. My vote is worth $1.30 at 75 % VP right now so anyone who sends upto approx 0.4 SBD to MinnowBooster can be voted by my account. For example, if someone sends 0.4 SBD to MB for vote and my account is used to vote on that post, I will get 85 % of the sent amount credited in my balance. In simple words, I earn 0.34 SBD from that vote. 

    I calculated my SBD earnings from 18 December to 19 January just from vote selling and they turned out to be 55.695 SBD. This was made possible because I had used another MB service (SP leasing) to get some delegated SP for four weeks for just 25 Steem. Through vote selling alone, I earned so many SBDs that it was more than triple of my initial investment.

    Now you can understand why I am creating a complete guide of MinnowBooser economy. I have benefited massively from this opportunity and I wish to share each detail with you. Here is some of the information that will help you use this service efficiently.

    • By selling your vote, you earn 85 % of all the SBD against which your vote was used. Massive!
    • Since MB is taking 0.01 SBD as minimum bid on posts, you need to be able to give a vote at least worth $0.03 to have a chance. At current Steem price, at least 75 SP is required. Drop in price will increase the minimum SP requirement and vice versa.
    • A full vote will cost you 2 % VP. VP is the only cost you pay when your account is used for voting. Set minimum SP such that you can upvote posts from the authors you follow and the comments on your posts too. Dedicating all you VP to MinnowBooster is greedy unless you are unable to be active for some weeks or months.
    • You can view the history of your vote selling and even the posts on which your vote was used. Randomly visit these posts to check them for quality and if you see an abuse, report in the MinnowBooster discord channel.

    • You can always see your earned SBD balance on the site and withdraw it to your Steemit wallet.

      The MinnowBooster DLM

      The MinnowBooster DLM is a first of its kind, fully functioning token leasing market, in which you can lease (delegate) Steem Power. If you’d like to have a look for yourself, the DLM can be reached by first going to www.minnowbooster.com and clicking on the ‘New Lease Requests’ button in the navigation panel on the left of the navigation panel.

      You will now be connected to our Delegation Leasing Market which will allow you to fill Steem Power lease requests and even allow you to request a delegation for yourself.

    The above video explains the DLM in great detail, however if you have any queries drop a comment in the chat below and we will be sure to answer it.

    We hope these ideas give you incentive to build your Steem account with us. We are and always have been dedicated to helping minnows grow and achieve greatness through their utilization of the Steem blockchain.

    So until next time, Steem on folks!

    Make your minnow folks proud! Navigate the waters like a pro!




    Visit our website for more info!
    Subsribe to our YouTube Channel
    Join our Discord Chat
    Get support and connect with us and other Minnowbooster fans!

    We are always looking to improve @minnowbooster and try to keep you up-to-date whenever something changes. If you have any suggestions about what we should change or add to @minnowbooster, then please drop by and let us know!


    Minnowbooster is a @buildteam project by
    @thecryptodrive (witness), @cryptomancer and @reggaemuffin (witness)

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    @minnowbooster minnow has a wide community which is helping lot of people i like steem delegation system in minnows


    How to have a delegation in steemit?? Would you like to tell me more.. Thank you...

    Vote selling for the win without having to know any programming. The the limited amount of SP I am using for vote selling it would be way to complicated to try and set up my own voting bot. Thank you minnowbooster. The future is bright.


    Very cool website

    This is awesome @minnowbooster, you guys are simply the best and I love using your services... Several ways to build one's account at minnowbooster..this is lovely, you guys are giving steemians options to choose from. One of it's kind, I am really happy to be associated with minnowbooster and I am a huge fan who uses the service on the regular. All steemians needs to see this... Resteemed.

    I learnt a lot through this post, but more importantly I've learnt tons through my experience with the minnowbooster delegation services. I have been struggling for years to generate income online, let alone passive income. I've found that even though I'm not making much through my delegations I appreciate the journey of receiving passive income DAILY! It really is a miracle that I want to thank God for. The grace of God be with you all. Shoutout @minnowbooster..


    nice......can you upvote and comment on me?

    The referral feature is a great addition. It, along with the whitelisting feature, is making @minnowbooster a fair, equitable and rewarding service that is contributing to better content on the platform.

    Good post , great job , i like it .

    Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @minnowbooster

    Follow my blog @powerupme


    Long time lurker first time commentor... Dunno if you guys read these after so long but I hope so. I'll even give it a tag @minnowbooster, in case you track it in Gina or something.

    I'd like to talk to you about #comedyopenmic. It's a comedy contest which currently gives away about 190SBD / week in prizes to funny people across 3 contests:

    • Comedy Open Mic
    • Comedy Open Mic Espanol
    • Comedy Open Mic Meme contest

    In addition to a bunch of upvotes.

    One of the rules of the contest is that we don't allow bid bots / vote buying in posts due to the fact that we give away a prize (10SBD) for the most popular post (highest payout in that round). The bid bots are easy enough to police, most of them leave comments, or transparency bot helps out or we just know who the bid bots are. The vote buying, however, is much more difficult to police. I was wondering if you would be open to not allowing vote buying for posts with the #comedyopenmic tag.

    Thanks for reading all that.

    good information

    Minnow Booster is the best service you can get. But you will need to be White-Listed to earn anything now :S (I am in the process of applying and the process is very slow :sad:)
    but the best way to be successful with minnow booster is applying for a loan from minnow booster. It will help alot :)

    Best wishes to all the minnows and welcome to steemit

    I like the DLM option of Minnow Booster alot!
    I think its the best option for new comers :)

    Thank you for the detailed article. I have just fulfilled my first interaction with the platform (by leasing SP) and am looking forward to test the other tools for growth that Minnowbooster provides.

    Wow, I love this initiative of referral program. I have brought in a lot of friends to the community and is even holding small meetups at my own expense.

    Now, this provides me with more reason to introduce people to the platform. My hardworks will finally be rewarded indefinitely accordimg to:

    .Are there any limits to the program or how much I can make by referring friends?
    Absolutely not.

    Thank you @minnowbooster for giving voice to us.

    Someone whitelist me pls. :(

    Is there any other way to get whitelisted?

    As the price of steem got lower, the returns on minnowbooster and smartsteem have also been reduced. Making this barely worth the returns now. You have to spent hundreds to even make a few dollars. Greed prevails again.

    very useful post thank you sir.

    Go minnowbooster.
    Cooler features everything, I always look forward to getting new features from you guys.
    Keep up the good work.

    Great job you guys are doing with Minnow Booster.

    How can i will be a whitelist member?

    Yes, thank you minnowbooster. I gain many sbd also from you too.

    Don't know why we are running behind this type of solution, except creating good content and having some help from the whales of the community? If whales are not interested in this type of work, then we should help each other out. Minnows are more than 90% of the community. If we can work for each other, except running our ass loose behind the whales and bots.
    This is totally my own perception. I actually don't like the idea of vote bot types.
    Minnow booster, also giving the people way to use all of their power to earn money. When, they can use it to up-vote the content they like and want to. Feeling like, all of them just using us.


    i agree with you, a recently wrote a post about it, and how this kind of content is leading y tendency today instead really original ones.


    We are looking for the solution in a faulty system.


    I agree with you, but unfortunately, its seems like the only way to earn any money on Steemit. It seems like the only posts making money are the ones who use a lot of bots


    Yes..i agree they are using bot. But, if we start to make the right choice. Without going blind for hot and trending post of the whales and others. We can make the change. I know, no one will be interested in my opinion. But i will say, what i should.


    I agree. Just a sind note. I saw on your banner you are interested in import/ export. Im a licensed Customs Broker and freight forwarder if you have any questions or comments


    Can i have your contact information? Like, telegram or any kind of communication app. I am feeling lucky to meet you here.


    my email is mgreenwald49@gmail.com. Let me know of any questions

    Guys kindly check out my post on wireless charging n don't forget to upvote. Thanks.

    i still don't understand this Steemit upvotes. followups. bots ect. is frustrating

    @minnowbooster is so good bot. I use daily this bot and get benefits too much.

    hello, I took care of my writing,
    minnowbooster.com website works with blockchain technology like steemit.
    it would be a frustration for me to have a website that only works with the reference system.
    If you tell us the technology you used to promote your web site,

    That's a good job buddy

    How do i become a member?

    From #venezuela supporting your work friend, greetings and as always I wish you continue to be successful in #steemit ....

    .so helpful stuff. Thank you so much for sharing

    @minnowbooster if i want lease 1000 sp how much would i need to pay and what is the period of lease?


    You should expect that to be in the neighborhood of 7 STEEM/week. You can choose how many weeks to request.


    Check out their website. The rates are all there

    Like Smartmarket, can we also buy upvotes from Minnowbooster more than once for the same post? Thanks.


    Yes. That is possible. Although sometimes there may not be votes available in your send range you can just keep trying until you find a second vote.

    This is great... Thanks so much for this awesome opportunity

    thank you, it was so helpful ^^

    Hello friend, excellent publication, I liked it a lot. Count on me, I invite you to visit my profile and count on you too, Regards

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    Minkobooster helped me alot to get to this reputation or else I may not be here now .thanks for the love you are showing to the community.

    good post. thank you @minnowbooster

    I am really fascinated by the idea how you lease SP, then used it for selling vote and managed to get a handsome amount of profit.
    I wonder is it profitable every time.
    I also wanted to follow the same method. I would really appreciate your help in answering some of my queries.

    Always helping the community out @minnowbooster very cool to see.

    Wow this is great. At last it's happening. Thanks a lot. Now it will boost Steemit community with a maximum speed

    You are doing a great job. I will soon sell my votes.

    excellent information will help generate more of passive income

    I do not know much about minnow booster. For those whose accounts are new like my favorite new post like this for your account this artcle can know how minnowboster is working to write a lot about the future so hopefully we can use the minnowboster

    I am still a bit confused by this service.. Maybe if someone in discord chat explained it a little more simplified to me in PM it would help. My user id on discord is the same as on here.

    Hi @minnowbooster! I am exploring now your site, community, and want to thank you for this article, that is of big assistance for the newbies like me!

    waaaao amazing interface well done sweet bot

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    Really great post sir..Thanks for sharing

    I want to build delegation, but I dont know clearly to execute it... Would you like to tell me more.... Thanks for share this article...

    Please my fund transfer $9 refund please


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    Thank you so much! This information is so helpful to a newbie like myself.👍🏽

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    Saya sagat mendukung kejayaan steemit di Indonesia upvote @fikar21 terima kasih

    Some interesting ideas here!
    Hopefully I can push on as a Minnow!


    Always grateful @minnowbooster and worth my resteem - thank you for the informative tutorial to help us floundering minnows!

    I have just found this account and will definitely follow it. The content is so great and informative! Thank you for helping minnows!

    I am guessing the high rates are doable because of the level of inflation in steemit? What are your thoughts regarding that?

    Hello @minnowbooster so do I need to sign up on the website, and then transfer 1 sbd to you? I want to start using this service but am a bit confused by a few things.

    Can I just send you 1 sbd or just a create an account to join etc? If anyone can help that will be awesome :)

    Sorry for the basic questions I’m new to this :)

    I want to participate in the delegation of my SP to minnowbooster for the voting of posts..
    However, at 83 Steem Power it said i didn't have enough SP ..
    I'm not online enough to use all my voting power i want minnowbooster to use it for me..
    My Question is...
    How much SP is enough...??

    So how do I?? How Do Referrals Work With MinnowBooster?
    Copy the link and gain referrals by sending your link to friends?
    ??>>>Ok how do I send the link to friends<<<?? I am trying to help some of my friends that lost so much money from USI-Tech ponzi scam to recoup for myself I lost $3000.00 I just spent 7 years in a tent got out of the tent thanks to Kings Kitchen homeless kitchen in Bay St Louis, MS got my GED at age 57 and tried college only passed 1 out of the 5 classes but I cant go back til I get some student loan money back so any help you may help 2 or 3 peeps recoup from the scammers. Thanx SHALOM ALEICHEM

    I will have to read this a few more times to understand it..minnowbooster helped me at the start of my journey. great initiative!!!


    That is great! Thanks for sharing me this opportunity