MinnowBooster: Online and Improved After HF20!

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We are pleased to announce that MinnowBooster has been updated with all the necessary modifications needed as a result of Steem HF20.

Furthermore we would like to inform users that our MinnowBooster vote market and vote selling services are now available again. Voting power has recharged singnificantly and the new and improved Steem RC system is a massive improvement which allows us to provide a more precise and consistent service.

Some of the updates enabled after new functionality provided by HF20 include better accuracy ensuring that votes will now go through more precisely than ever with improved resource usage. We now favor 100% votes to save blockchain bandwidth and sellers; resource credits.

One of the biggest changes in HF20 was the new RC model for bandwidth. Now that RC is a consideration, all DApp providers must keep in mind that automated voting contributes to blockchain bloat.

Fortunately, @minnowbooster is working hard to keep our footprint as low as possible. For example, depending on the vote size requested, instead of doing many small votes of say 30% to reach the intended value, our system will prioritize a single big vote of 100% and with that method we are able to do one vote instead of 3 and reduce the strain on overall Steem resources.

We know all of this may seem overly complex but it is our belief that Steem is healthier and more vibrant than ever as a result of these recent changes. We would like to apologise for the interuption in service but we felt that it was necessary to wait until the HF craze died down and also to make sure that user funds are safe.

One improvement that will certainly be noticed by our community is the fact that votes filled by MB are now accurate to 0.01 cent!

If You Need RCs @MinnowBooster Has You Covered!

We know that the new RC requirements make it difficult for some to comment, post and perform transactions they used to perform in mass without some level of delay.

Fortunately @MinnowBooster has a thriving market where you can get your hands on Steem Power (SP) delegations. Leasing SP is a great way to boost your bandwidth and @MinnowBooster is standing by, ready to help!

Another thing we would like to mention is the fact that lease requests are flooding our Delegation Leasing Market. If you've got idle Steem Power laying around and don't intend to use it, why not take a look at our lease market and see if there's an opportunity that's just right for you to generate passive returns and help out a minnow with extra bandwidth!

Finally we'd just like to say that it is our honor to serve you as always. Supporting the Steem community has and always will be our top priority. If you've got any questions about our new and improved service feel free to drop by our discord support channel and have a chat with our very own wizard of customer service, Mr. @furious-one.

Feel free to leave comments below with your thoughts about the recent HF20 update and anything else that happens to be on your mind!





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We are always looking to improve @minnowbooster and try to keep you up-to-date whenever something changes. If you have any suggestions about what we should change or add to @minnowbooster, then please drop by and let us know!


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Your Steemvoter service is not running accurately anymore. Pls investigate. I have personally seen 5 delayed votes through Steemvoter TODAY!


Hi, that was due to the upgrade to HF20 and the subsequent patches 20.3, 20.4 and 20.5 required to make it stable, each time meant our nodes needed to replay and services were down. Everything is fine as of today and should continue as per normal.


Still not working accurately. 5 mins delay on top of my voting timer.


Thanks for your reply.

Given the new resource credit system, I wonder if there could be a separate market to provide accounts and/or projects with RC delegation or leasing... It would lead to those who need it to add value to the system whereas the provider could leverage his balance to focus on growing his account over time.


Right now the blockchain does not have an direct protocols for leasing RC’s, it can be indirectly achieved by leasing Steem Power, one of the services we do offer Minnowbooster, the more delegation you have the higher your max RC’s will be. If direct RC delegation becomes available at blockchain level in future, rest assured we offer that service as well.


this was my question too


Hi i have a question
i already delegate my SP to an individual ,how can i compare service delegate ?
where can i see who offer better Delegation rate ?


Not sure if I understand your question, but isteemd (http://isteemd.com) makes a comparison if delegated services of the different bots out there. However, there may be things it does not take into consideration such as where profits go (i.e. supporting other projects, etc).

Hi @minnowbooster, during update of HF20, i was very relaxed. The reason behind this was, i already know after sometime, system requires upgradation. There are many reasons for this. First reason is upgradation. Second reason is when system starts then there were low number of people joined. As the community grow system becomes slow. Third reason is depend on the team. If team of the project is eager to improve the system. Then definitely they try their level best. What do you think.


I’m glad you were relaxed during the upgrade, that is the best state to be in :) everything comes right in time so no sense in getting uptight. The new RC system and account creation method will hopefully help to onboard more users cost effectively. The fact that developers are continually updating if proof that Steem is very much active and has not stagnated like many other coins. I foresee a bright future for Steem.


Hi sir, you are right on prediction of steem future. I am also confident about it. I read many people complaining about this new system. They all lost their confidence. Even someone saying it Scam. But i was sure it is just matter of few days.

good informations

Thanks for the great service and look forward using minnow booster with the delegations. The disruption was a bit unsteady but it was for a good reason I guess

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Thank you @neddykelly our Delegation lease market is currently pumping! Check it out :)

Hi @minnowbooster, Im just quite confused about the leasing option on your site especially on the rates. Is there any option where users/delegators can place delegation orders or is that possible?


Hi @themanualbot if you want to receive delegation you can create an order by clicking here https://www.minnowbooster.net/lease or on this menu item:

If you are a delegator and want to fill leases you can go to the market and click on Fill this Offernext to the lease you choose to fill:

There isn't currently a way to delegators to out in offers, but they can fill existing lease requests as per above.

Good to have you back and running again!

good info, thanks

I didn't get any delegation reward fro more than a week.
Do I need to do anything for start to getting them again?


Hi @maxocoin your delegation period has ended. You were sent a memo 11 Days ago with a link to remove the old delegation. See below

Hi, I have not received any rewards from @minnowbooster the last week.
Is that related to HF20?
Should I expect that the rewards will continue from my previos75 sp delegation?
Is there a place to check my capabilities after HF20?


Hi @jdevora your delegation period ended. We sent through a memo 8 days ago to remind you to remove your delegation. See below screenshot. All is well with our systems after HF20, you can always take up a longer lease request once your SP comes back.

Nice too see you started working..

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I upvoted your post.

Keep steeming for a better tomorrow.
@Acknowledgement - God Bless

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Good job, we waiting the best from you

Good luck to your project guys.

Thanks so much for this glorious news.

I was sent 2 times Bid ( 0.100,5 hours ago & 0.010, hours ago) please check your wallet.


Hi @kaleem345, please pay attention to the memos that Minnowbooster sends you. It seems you were blacklisted by our service and we stop refunding SBD after 10 sends, to reduce load, we also notify users of that via memo, 10x.

I unblacklisted you now and refunded your SBD. Please also familiarize yourself with our Terms of Service


Now I'm unblacklist? Please again confirm to me & now I again use your service or not?

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Yes, you are unblacklisted. Again, please read our Terms of Service and acknowledge that adding more effort in your posts will make people look more favorably upon your content and won't take offense, when boosted.


OK thanks as lot

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good luck boss...

Great job wish you good luck

nice i can posting today, happy weekend and i love you all stemit teams

Wish you Good luck!

best of luck for your project

Good work MB !

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Good info. Thanks for your great posting!

Thnx for sharing & good luck.@minnowbooster

thank you :)

Buen post me ha gustado leerlobold

This is some great information here and I may very well get in on leasing some steem here in the future.

En hora buena, veo que poco a poco todos nos vamos adaptando a la actualizacion... Luego del caos biene la calma dicen por ahi

Thanks for the update and as always Steem on! 👏👏👏👍

please comment on my artical. i request to all my friends

Thanks so much for this good news.
Thanks for this
Keep it

I am new user at steemit. Please help me to grow up by upvote my posts. Thanks

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Buen post me ha gustado leerlobold

Good news! 👍🏾 Much Success with the new Steemit.

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Good information for all

Congratulations @minnowbooster!
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Is it possible to allow new sign-ups to register using my RC in exchange for a say 1% earnings cut?

or something you could build?


Can you elaborate on what you mean with that? There is a free account system but there is no earnings cut inside the Steem blockchain.