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I spent my own hard-earned cash on boosting these folks, so please upvote this post so I can draw from the earnings and give more back! The more you vote, the more I can give!

Today's boosted items are:

1. Snook Got Snookered and Had a Blast
-- For supporting another steemit show: Hots or Shots.

2. Wild West Chapter 6x
-- For writing story chapters diligently, day in-day out on the steemit blockchain, without fail.

3. Desarrollando La Creatividad de los Ninos Porta Lapices Tutorial
-- For coming up with great creative crafty posts, and for supporting the Spanish community on Steemit!

Be sure to upvote and resteem this post to increase the booster pool for other minnows!

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This is interesting work.

It was kind of you to support these terrific posts! 🤗

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I didn’t get past the gif lol976C5A3C-E6C1-41E5-B2D4-49A093471507.jpeg

Thank you so very much for the upvote!
This is an awesome initiative you have going on!