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RE: Introducing MinnowBooster (Beta)

Hi, minnowbooster! Why is it written" You can request upvotes from the @minnowbooster bot. Just send SBD (at least 0.1 SBD) to @minnowbooster and receive an upvote worth up to 5 times what you paid. Add the post or comment url as memo."
But when I sent 0.365 SBD I got this message
"3 minutes ago Receive 0.365 SBD from minnowbooster Sorry, you need to send at least 0.5 SBD!"

So could you change the amount in your article, so that people won't think you only need 0.1 SBD to get upvote? That's not true
Best regards, Luke


ye had same problem tried 0.1 $ first

Thank you for spotting that glaring mistake! I fixed it now :)

To me minnows can grow when we can form a strong group

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