I would love to know the answer to this myself.

The biggest issue I see with the leasing program right now is mathematically, you'd really have to upvote yourself consistently for weeks before you see a return...and it's mainly because of the removal of the dynamic pricing of SBD to SP. With the set's a task just to break even.

But I'm trying to determine if the leasing program was meant to be profitable in the first place or a tool to potentially increase your following.

You did some home work dude, let's wait for the reply now.

The current price was from before the reward pool drop and it will most likely be challenging to get your investment back. We are looking at different ways to change that and are actively coding up a solution as we speak :)

I do think the answer is along the lines of actually creating a two sided market. Let the leasor and the leasee determine an acceptable price...

Almost like a bid/ask of a stock market...but in this case, the bid/ask will be based off STEEM POWER per STEEM and which will determine a fair APR.

This way, you guys don't have to worry about setting up what is an acceptable return's all on the users and you guys get your 10% cut for basically being the escrow.

Coding a market is really hard and lease offers don't really work because we have to make sure the lease actually goes through, so there are many edge cases that have to be handled. But in the long run it will probably evolve to that.

I tried it once and till now I haven't seen any hardcore evidence that suggests that it is profitable or influences followership in anyway. In fact, you will have more questions than answers in my own opinion

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