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Carrie Underwood Shares First Selfie of Her Full Face Since Injury
Entertainment Tonight Liz Calvario‍ ‍,Entertainment Tonight 18 hours ago
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The 35-year-old singer has been recovering after a traumatic fall left her with a broken wrist and 40-50 stitches in her face.
Carrie Underwood is feeling like her old self again.

The 35-year-old singer has been seemingly hiding her face from the public eye ever since she suffered a scary fall at her home in Nashville, Tennessee, in November that required her to undergo surgery for a broken wrist and get 40 to 50 stitches on her face. But on Saturday, Underwood treated fans to the first selfie of her full face since the accident.

"Had a great rehearsal for the @acmawards! Can’t wait until tomorrow night! #CryPretty #ACMAwards," Underwood captioned the stunning close-up snapshot, which features the American Idol alum in full makeup, curled hair and wearing a printed top.


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