Goals are made

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I have decided to make a goal that with some help I Believe can be achieved.


This is our current form of transportation 2000 GMC with wheelchair lift. It is getting a new motor in it next week. With a 3 year / hundred thousand mile warranty that should give me some time earn enough currency to replace this van. My goal is to earn the next van with just a bit of help. I at this point in this life know that I could do it on my own. Although it is not just me, myself , and I there is Abbigail to think about.

Good thing about getting this one fixed is we can go on road trips and camp outs again. It has been eight months since we found out a new engine was needed. Since then it is still running so we have only made one trip to town each week if we needed something. Town is about 7 miles there. In about two weeks we will be test driving with a longer trip of 100 miles to see family in Columbia Missouri.

Our story is our life.

Love always!

Keep the love we have plenty.

Goal : Be able to buy a ten year old van or younger. With wheelchair ramp and plenty of space for packing for road trips here in the USA. Abbi enjoys road trips and I enjoy taking her where ever she wants to go. I love her

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Great content! and thanks again for following!

I'll do what I can to help every step of the way! I am about to send you some steem, do check your wallet. It ain't much, but it's a start! Love you guys.


Thank you love to you xxxxoooooxoxox😘😇

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Glad to have replies. Thank you there will be more to come soon

That's a great goal and I just resteemed this post to get more eyes on it. Hope it helps with a little upvote.


Thank you helping out. Love to you