An Easy Way To Earn A Small Passive Bitcoin Income Stream Day 177 ROI 0.19%/Day

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Today bitcoin price at the moment is $7440 Market Cap: $329,415,486,871 • 24h Vol: $16,271,387,353 • BTC Dominance: 38.7%


Bitcoin Cloud Mining Contract earned 0.00039809($2.96) and maintenance fee 0.00033572($2.50)

My total balance is 0.00949613($70.82) the minimum withdraw at the moment is 0.03 BTC

Hashflare Bitcoin mining contract current price is 1TH/s=$80 and they again make a special discount for us is 22% off

Until May 31 you can use the code HF18PIZZADAY22 to get a 22% discount on all purchases.

So here is it number with a current price how many bitcoins can you mine in a day with 1TH/s power that will cost you $62.4:

Daily 0.00006068 or $0.18
Weekly 0.00042477 or $1.28
Monthly 0.00182045 or $5.47
Annually 0.02214878 or $66.50

Days to break even: 342.51 Day(s) (can vary greatly depending on the current exchange rates)

Can You Make Money Mining Bitcoin?

So at the moment is definitely not profitable to mine bitcoin only if the price will not go up soon.

If you believe that BTC will grow in price more and more, you can invest in mining contracts!
Don't forget if you want to try cloud mining link is 👇

Click Here for Registration in Hashflare

Wish you Big Profits and All the Best💎💰🎇

Cheers 🎇🎆

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Now Hashflare is not profitable!

Thanks for this knowledge @valikos always wanted to get into mining just don't know where to start

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Thanks for the knowledge shared .. Remain blessed. Pls follow me @ emmatoes1

Hashflare is legit trusted and realll...
but another website comes with more effective and fast returns based in Thailand see here

I’m very glad I started following you, because you post is really good

Great post! Honest and trustworthy. I am mining Bit coin with hashflare but I think that would be better to mine Ethereum because they don't take maintanance fee for it.

thanks for a great knowledge for my better investments in bitcins in near futures.

At times I want to try cloud mining but it just seems to good to be true.