Miner Live Dashboard for Mining Pools Ethermine & Flypool

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Miner statistics for mining pools Ethermine (ETH & ETC) and Flypool. Based on the new unified pool API. Clean & fast web dashboard to monitor your miner.


  • No installation, no setup required
  • Data refresh every 2 minutes
  • Hashrate values in the page title
  • Color indicators signal the up/down state of values
  • Designed for large displays and fullscreen tabs

Displayed properties

  • Current hashrate
  • Average hashrate
  • Active workers
  • Valid shares
  • Stale shares
  • Invalid shares
  • Unpaid Balance Coins
  • Est. Earnings Minute/Coins
  • Est. Earnings Minute/USD



  • Customize the dashboard URL params to your needs (see below)
  • Go to the dashboard URL in your browser

Dashboard URL



endpoint: Mining pool API endpoint

address: Your mining wallet address

Possible values for endpoint depending on mining pool:

  • api.ethermine.org
  • api-etc.ethermine.org
  • api-zcash.flypool.org

Because Etherpool does not provide HTTPS, there is currently no support for it.


For ethermine.org:


For etc.ethermine.org


For zcash.flypool.org


Good to know

The dashboard can be set as OS wallpaper (Windows / Mac).

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