Genesis Mining (Dash Mining)

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The Winklevoss ETF wasn't approved as most of you would probably know by now, but it hardly effected the price of bitcoin and at the same time it gave hope for other cryptocurrencies. In the end, I'd say most people who trade coins see this as a huge win/win situation. As for me, I started up a mining contract with Genesis Mining for the next 2 years with some of the profit I made. 20 MH/s X11 mining dash, getting paid daily in dash straight to my wallet. Dash could really be a worth a lot in the future (it already is) so I figured I'd give it a swing. Genesis Mining have the machines set up already so you don't have to deal with it. All I had to do was sign up, chuck my wallet address in for payments, bought a contract and already it's working out really great. Genesis Mining seem really legit so I wanted to give you guys a heads up about them.

If you're keen on getting into it, I'd recommend you buy the "2 Years Dash Mining" contract with the powerful x11 ASIC mining technology and set your mining allocation 100% to Dash, as that is the profit king at the moment.
Please use my voucher as well, as it will give you a 3% discount on your purchase & helps me get hash power. You will get your own affiliate code you can share around to people as well.

A final note I want to make is that investing in cryptocurrency is risky due to the general volatility (some people like this, some people dont) so you should only do something like this if you think the value of Dash is gonna go up or even stay at what it is.

If you have any questions, drop them down below :)

My discount voucher for Genesis Mining - zu364T

Img Src - youtube channel/UCRLAk9bSfVyIOWoKQx6DHPQ

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Good post! Really got into Genesis mining a few weeks ago for ETH and was did them in bigger bulk buys, but I started doing it just $25 increments so I could use other people's affiliate codes and hoping they will use mine next time too!

I just used yours, it was only for +1 MH/s for ETH at $25 but looking to spread the love! I followed you also, trying to connect with people here on STEEMIT!

Next time you upgrade your hashpower use my code! NkQanX


Oh wow rad thanks a heap, Royschuh. That's a great way to go about it. Will do :)


Just trying to share the love and connect with people! :)

hello! i startet mining on Genesis a few days ago! i like it!
maybe someone helps me a little bit and use my PromoCode: cnJtig
Thanks @ all!!


Yea I'm loving it. At the current price of dash I figured I'm making a few hundred profit a year with only my first upgrade. If dash goes up like a lot of people are saying it will then that could turn into a few thousand profit. I'll be upgrading monthly with profits I make from bittrex trading - great opportunity to grab.

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