PSU required for gtx 1070ti 8gb and gtx 960 4gb

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Hi Steemians,

I am buying gigabyte g1 gtx 1070ti 8GB and I already have gigabyte g1 gtx 960 4GB.

I currently have corsair VS550 watt PSU. Will this be enough to run both cards or do I need to buy a new one, if I have to replace the PSU which corsair or any better brand would you recommend.

I plan to work as well as game and mine some zcash/ethereum with the setup.

My PC specifications :

  1. Gskills 8GB x 2 = 16 GB RAM
  2. 8700k I7 CPU
  3. Deepcool kendoman 5 fans Cabinet
  4. 1 WD 1TB blue HDD
  5. 1 WD 2TB blue HDD
  6. 1 500 GB external usb seagate HDD
  7. 1 250 GB SSD
  8. 1 old 7200 RPM 160 GB seagate HDD
  9. Corsair k92 gaming keyboard
  10. razer mamba tournament edition gaming mouse
  11. Cooler master Hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler
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      If I need to buy a new expensive PSU then I wouldn't use the old 960 GTX and sell it, would then I be able to use the new GTX 1070 with the VS550 PSU?

      PS : I have posted this question on tomshardware too -

      Thanks for checking out my Post.

      "Peace, love and help the community"

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