Arionum: How to Increase your CPU Mining with VPS Providers (Free $10 Bonus Included)

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A Young Crypto With a Ton of Potential

At this stage, if you been following many of my posts you probably already know that I am one picky investor when it comes to cryptos. Two years of full time living off of cryptocurrencies has over time grown me to really learn what to look for in new projects and what to avoid about them as well.

Lately we all have taken a slight down moment in crypto, markets are just super finicky and less active to rise to the occasion it appears. One day the SEC knocks us for a loop, another day nations ban and unban crypto like its a game to be played over and over. This could be a very discouraging moment for those of us like myself who fully live off of this advancement to economics but to survive you must adapt and what I have learned is to look around a little deeper when there is time to do so, find those young projects worth a damn, then really investigate their team to find out more.

Not sure about most of you, but me personally, I have never been a fan of ICO's or their constant false promises that never seem to deliver. There seems to be a growing group of us that just want crypto to return to its roots, take things old school and develop something fresh, something useful and with strong potentials surrounding growth organically within their communities.

Let me tell you, finding those types of new cryptos are really hard to come by, but I think I just found the gem out there, one that I accidentally happened on and apparently very stuck on now...this coin is called ARIONUM (ARO) and probably one you haven't heard of just I think everyone may want to take a deep look into...

What is Arionum?

Arionum was designed with the future in mind, in a market where the growth beats all expectations. Arionum aims to offer a secure electronic payments system that is able to scale without a degraded performance or a degraded user experience. It offers a fixed 0.25% fee on all transactions and it has a dynamic transaction limit per block, allowing it to keep up with a growing number of transactions at all times.

One of the main advantages of Arionum is that it was fully written from scratch in PHP, one of the most popular programming languages in the world. While php is not as fast as c++. for example, the high number of developers that can easily understand and develop PHP and the Arionum compensates for this.
The main inspiration has been Satoshi Nakamoto's bitcoin white paper, but all the code has been thought and written by the developers to keep it's originality.

Arionum has been thought as a democratic and egalitarian coin, having no pre-mined coins, long mining period, no developer fees and an algorithm that advantages the average user with available CPU resources rather than mining farms.


Name: Arionum
Symbol: ARO
Block time: ~ 4 minutes
Mining reward: Starts at 1000 and decreases by 10 each 10800 blocks
Mining time: 8 years and 4 months
Premine: NO Premine
Transaction fee: Always 0.25%
Block Hash: sha512
Mining algorithm: Argon2i + SHA512
Total coin supply: 545.399.000
Signature Algorithm: ECDSA's secp256k1 curve
DB Backend: MySQL / MariaDB

With this being a full on PHP written coin, one that in my opinion is very well written code wise after using it for a few weeks, I have a funny feeling this could open doors to a broader developmental movement of allowing more coders to enrich this space which I think is always a welcome to have.

The Team

Another thing about me if you don't know me, teams in crypto matter a ton before I bother with them. This is built into me mainly because of working deep within major blockchains myself as lead marketer and through that experience I have learned to take notes about how a team responds to their user base plus to each other. This to me is so important to know when investing, you just have to feel that vibe for yourself to really understand what is really going on behind a project.

Arionum is definitely matched with real talent and drive. Its been a long time, maybe not since my early days over at PIVX where I have seen such a prime example of a team going for it full on with users in mind and to provide the cryptocurrency industry with something unique that has potential for long term effects behind its every coding move.

In Arionum I have this sudden feeling of nostalgia about crypto. I can't place what is causing this but its the combined fact they care less about making a fast buck, they have created a CPU mining friendly coin on an algorithm unseen before and all of that just reminds me of the old days like when BTC first got together and we all know where that ended up over time. Its impressive to say the least to catch onto this fact about Arionum, very contagious to say the least and something I definitely feel like sticking around to bare witness as this coin grows.

Find out for yourself how awesome this team/community is, join Arionum on Discord here:


Mining Arionum, Exchanging Arionum, and The Future of Arionum

At the moment, simply just running to an exchange and obtaining Arionum is not as simple at the moment. The team has been working hard on the code, just recently launched this publicly so now they are working on the next stage to add exchanges into the mix. This doesn't mean you can't trade for Arionum though. While the situation for exchange additions is being worked on, they have opened an escrow service within their Discord so users can OTC trade between each other in a very safe and effective way. If you want Arionum and want to trade up for it, just simply follow that Discord link above and look for their TRADING channel and you can make offers their which users will guide anyone new on how this is done exactly.

I had a conversation the other day and they are talking openly about seeking exchange listings for this coin, so I suspect the normal exchange trading should happen fairly soon. This to me means get ready and prepared, hodl a little or a lot for that big day.

Mining (for the average user)

Mining this coin is pretty simple for the average user. If you have no technical know how about cpu mining or any other form of mining, the devs have placed a very friendly miner within their wallet. You simply have to download that wallet, navigate to the MINER tab within it and simply press start after you tell it how many threads to mine on and your up and running. The team really made this process simplified for the average user, which probably is a blessing to many wanting to obtain a little coinage and put their CPU to work.

You can find their official wallet here on the Arionum website:

Mining (for more horsepower and advanced users)

Arionum also has a java based miner built by Programmer Dan who has contributed an amazing piece of software. This takes a little extra setup but you can find a very detailed walk through on how to get this up and running here:

There also has been a GPU build for those of us with spare cards on hand. I will pass this link on but I want to be up front this is not a very profitable route if your going for instant income. The algorithm has been tweaked to ensure this remains a CPU mining coin so you won't get massive hashes out of a GPU right now. I only recommend this route personally if you intend to slap GPUs at this in order to increase your hashrate with the knowledge it probably would be more suited for later prices but it is a valid option if you have many cards and want to take advantage of the low difficulty and high payouts at the moment. You can find the GPU miner here:


Mining Arionum VPS Style (super advanced-high level mining)

Now comes probably the section I must write out a little more detailed. If you read this far, you probably are trying to learn everything about this coin and your options, so I figured I probably should include a recent tutorial I wrote in the Arionum ANN for users on how to cloud mine with VPS services. I will focus on the service I been using for over a week now, DigitalOcean, but I have applied this same tutorial to Microsoft Azure and it worked just as well.

Using a VPS is an optional way to increase your hashrate, kind of rent some CPU's in order to bank on the fact this is a young coin and horde up as many as you can while its difficulty is reasonable for VPS mining. I am actually new to this concept, but in testing its really pulling in a good sum of Arionum for me, figured its only fair to pass along the info I found out so others can benefit.

This gets a little technical, not complicated but its important to follow the steps carefully so it goes smoothly for you.

First head over to DigitalOcean, this is my referral code which will give anyone that uses it a $10 credit gift to their account, which on one instance should give you a free ride for a little under a week. Get your free credit by clicking on the following link:

After signing up, click on the green CREATE button and choose CREATE DROPLET from the pull down menu.


While in the create droplet section, choose the Ubuntu 16.04.4 x64 option, (I had issues with the 17.10 x64 version but 16 worked flawless)

Next, choose the 8gb 4 vCPU option in the Standard droplet section.

After you choose that, scroll down to the Data Center location option, choose the one closest to your physical location, then go to the bottom and either leave the droplet name as is or give it a name you can remember (I left mine the same, you don't tend to need this so much)

NOW JUST CLICK ON THE CREATE BUTTON, and your droplet will be created. Check the email you provided and you should get a temporary password for this droplet, you will need this to SSH into your linux environment.


Now you need to get either PUTTY or some variation of a SSH enabled program for your PC. I use Windows 10 so I opened mine up to allow SSH in the Settings menu and I use POWERSHELL in Admin mode to access my DigitalOcean droplet.

Once you have what you need to SSH into your droplet do the following from the command line:

Log in to your droplet via SSH and enter the following command

ssh root@ <--add your droplets IP address after @ (you can find this in your DigitalOcean account by looking in your Droplet section on the droplet you created)

Enter the password you were given via email (you will not see this input so be careful about putting it in. Once its correct, press enter and you will then be asked to provide this again and then you can give it a password you can choose for yourself.

Relocate into the home directory
cd ~

Create a swap file
sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile bs=64M count=16
sudo mkswap /swapfile
sudo swapon /swapfile

Install dependencies
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install build-essential libcurl4-openssl-dev git zip

NOW WE CAN INSTALL PROGRAMMER DAN'S MINER (or any Arionum miner you choose, for our tutorial I will choose Dan's)

Follow these steps exactly -- No Skipping!

Install Maven, git, 64bit Java 8 JDK, make, gcc, and if necessary (older ubuntu usually), build-essentials.
Typical for cloud setups, enter this: sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk maven git gcc make build-essential -y

Clone this repository locally: git clone git://

Enter this in command line: cd arionum-java/arionum-miner

Enter: mvn clean package

Enter: chmod +x (CRITICAL STEP)

Now Enter: ./ (CRITICAL STEP)

Run miner using: ./ (this will use the locally built high-performance argon2i libraries automatically)


In theory if you just repeat these steps on each instance of droplets you want to expand to, should work fine, I am running many of them and so far so good with no issues with DigitalOcean. Just keep tabs on cost, you should get $10 credit from my referral link above to get you started which with one droplet that should get you running for about a week free.

Optionally you can use this code before you start the miner in order to keep it running so you can close out your SSH terminal without interrupting the miner:
sudo apt get install tmux
Then run the miner with ./
ctrl-b (to exit)
and now press d 
then you can close ssh and it'll keep running
check on it by logging in and using:
tmux attach

Also, thanks to OvErLoDe1 in the Arionum Discord, you can also go another route which makes setting this up on DigitalOcean even easier. Instead of having to go and install via terminal, you can insert this following line of code into the section when creating Droplets that is titled SELECT ADDITIONAL OPTIONS, if you tick the USER DATA option that looks like this:


and you input the following code exactly in that box:

#! /bin/bash
set -x #echo on
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk maven git gcc make -y
sudo apt-get install build-essential -y
git clone git://
cd /arionum-java/arionum-miner
git checkout investigate
touch config.cfg
chmod 755 config.cfg
echo "pool
`hostname`" > config.cfg
mvn clean package
chmod +x
chmod +x
sudo apt get install tmux -y
tmux new-session -d -s my_session 'sh'

NOTE: make sure you replace the line with the pool you use and
5k1JvCPx8bpA94X7qRxTYgkFTS4Hq9auD49hfB2hRe5QotLJjg9CuH66KKki2wGmFD94JkeyMnrQCbuj4NqtCbEd with your own wallet address to receive your pool payouts

Once you have all that code correct, create your droplet on DigitalOcean and then go to your SSH terminal, sign in as you would normally but now your miner is already running and you just have to input tmux attach to view it running in your terminal.

The Future of Arionum

After hanging out with this team and seeing the growth happening pretty nicely organic, I have a feeling this is going to be a coin later this year many may regret not jumping on and holding back. There is a definite vibe of potential and community support that makes feel firm to express to everyone to take a look at Arionum while they can and see how it fits their portfolio. The odd thing for me, lack of exchange tends to make me wait out a coin but here I am jumping fast on it like I never done before, the escrow system looks pretty good for this interment time as users wait for the first exchange listing anyways but I have a feeling once this one hits the markets its going to flourish very well.

If users have any issues with this tutorial, feel free to comment on this post and I will try to help you out, if you need to find me on the Arionum Discord, I am user sflaherty over there and I welcome any DMs to help out where I can.

Also if you can, show my good friend OvErLoDe1 some love for helping out with the code it would be a huge favor to me. He has a referral link to UPCLOUD for users wanting to try out that service with this tutorial as well. I believe they get $25 for signing up also over there so here is his code to help him and you guys out:


Follow me @sflaherty

Your donations are sincerely appreciated, this post took a long minute to write so I thank you in advance if you cared to chip in and help out this author by donating to the following crypto addresses:

Bitcoin: 1AZYoexVJRSsDzBCjNM9wyDm616v7bZqzi
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I'd second everything said in this past. This really is a great project to watch grow and be involved with from the community side. It's a bunch of people trying to make something really cool and not trying to sell you something at every move cough cough ICO * cough cough*

Awesome Post! Your instructions were so easy. I have very, very basic knowledge on Linux since I've setup ZenCash nodes before. This was cake compared to it. Thank you!!


Anytime, I figured just try to really make sure all the steps were there, great coin too so I hope you do very well with this.

ARO community is the best I’ve been a part of. Here is what I like:
-CPU mineable
-No premine

Devs and rest of team respond in an instant on discord.

Did $100 digital ocean free trial go away? Thanks for the step by step getting cloud setup.


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Great post and a sound instruction!
I would like to make an addition of pointing people, who are generating lower hash rates (<100 h/s), towards or
I know cloud mining shouldn't be possible on, although I'm still doing it atm. And could be a good alternative. Don't know if you agree but that's my opinion.