Bitcoin Mining - Space Mining

in mining •  2 years ago 

Dear Steemit members,

I've stumbled upon a relatively new mining company based in London - Space mining, check out the link below:

These guys offer 10% per day on your investment - i'm amazed at the interest they are paying out.

I have invested a small amount with them myself and I have checked that withdrawal system is working - I can confirm they do allow you to withdraw, no problems and no fee's.

The no withdrawal fee's does raise some red flags as to how they can afford all their users withdrawing funds without a network fee?

Ultimately, I am still cautious and ensuring I recover my initial investment first before getting further into it. This being said, if they are hoping to develop into a long term mining company they must surely increase the variety coins that can be mined and look to include network withdrawal fee's?

Please feel free to check it out and leave your thoughts and comments below.

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