Mining Crypto ZCash Guide GTX 1070 @ 44x Sol / s with restart at `stopped gpu code: 46` - no need to control the rigs anymore!

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Hello Mining and Crypto fans,

I have been working in Mining and Crypto-Area for almost 6 months.
I will create regular mail for the Crypto-Currency field.

Here is my first mining guide for ZEC with the EWBF 0.3.4b Miner.
Download Miner EWBF 0.3.4b ->![FARMBILD.JPG]

  • This guide is for advanced miners

  • For beginners some tips are integrated

  • If your Rig has crashed or a bug, the following error is usually displayed: "stopped gpu code: 46", will be restarted after a maximum of 5 minutes with the following commands from the EWBF Miner without any intervention by yourself.

  • Never again having a night crash from the rig is something nice and soothing the nerves.

miner --server --port 3333 --user t1UecXTCCwJ7JqbQDL2SqzmRGQeNYvXT2Zr.rig0 --pass x --eexit 3 --log 2 --logfile ZCASH.%date:~6,4%%date:~3,2%%date:~0,2%.ewbf.log --pec
goto :restart


zcash - t1XLdKSZpuUrVNkgQwFMe7P97iLUbMjmDMK
btc - 3Bfk1m9rneWVBCbKS6UEQTJZN3s4AkYw62
eth - 0xf7b65Dee56DCa371EBcDa4F72435131fe3842cba

Best Regards

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