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Hello to everyone who reading that post !

Will tell you about our progress with Dash ASIC mining !
In time we bought our ASICs we could not buy Power supply from China.
So we went to regular computer store in Canada.
And we saw .......


After calculating the costs and profits ;-)
we decided to go with TWO 750 W power supply for each D3 ASIC.


Some more info about PS ....


Packaging is very good, also wires and connectors !!!





I think, we found best price/quality/wattage ratio with this PS from EVGA !!!
We bought 4 of them. This is the minimum to run two D3 ASIC miners.
Computer store also gave us some discount and we come up with nice price for our "combo" !

Thank you for reading !


Tell us more !
I also believe in mining

It is coming my friend !

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