VertCoin Mining and 2018 Price Prediction

in mining •  10 months ago

In the video I made today I went over the profitability of mining VertCoin (VTC).

Information used to gather the data presented:

GPU: Nvidia 1080 8GB
MH/s: My average is around 45MH/s
Miner: One Click Miner mining on a Network 2 Node
Price of VTC: +/- $8.00USD
Mining Calculators: and

As you will see in the video, I am currently running an Ethereum Giveaway to help promote my Youtube, Twitter, and webpage for MyCryptoverse. I would be grateful for any and all subs:

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on VTC and any results you may have mining the coin!


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Vertcoin was such a great pick up. Holding it as the new "mini-Litecoin".


That is what I am hoping for as well. This is definitely the coin I have most faith in in my portfolio.


Yeah, I just love the p2p minable aspect of the coin and its potential for 2018! I can easily see this coin reach $75-$100.

When I first learned about VTC I also thought it was competing with LTC. What surprised me was VTC has been out for years but only 2017 has it begun to rise. Interesting coin to watch next year for sure.

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Really informative post, thanks for sharing this informative post


@hassanjony Thank you for taking the time to read and watch. VTC is definitely a good coin to pick up!


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Vertcoin, combined with its core wallet and one click miner, is a deadly combination for profit in 2018. I too see a very good potential in this coin counting is large support and market cap.

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Hi @mycryptoverse
What is the Windows software you are using to mine VTC?


@ccnew Are you asking about the miner itself? It is One Click Miner, which can be found here:


@mycryptoverse Yes I was asking miner itself. Yes. I installed One Click Miner and ran it for overnight. Not a single share found. It says, it will take 3 days to find a share. So I gave up.

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