BitCore (BTX) Mining

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The process of learning about mining a cryptocurrency sounds endless; but it aids seeking to find the most profitable crypto coin to match my tight budget GPU; which is Nvidia 820M 2G.

Today I am going to show you first impressions about mining BitCore (BTX).

So first things first;

What is BitCore (BTX)?

Bitcore is a full bitcoin node — your apps run directly on the peer-to-peer network. For wallet application development, additional indexes have been added into Bitcoin for querying address balances, transaction history, and unspent outputs.

BitCore (BTX) @ CoinMarketCap

What Mining Pool?

Well; I am testing; it requirs no registration and allow your earned BitCore to be converted into bitcoins, so you get paid in bitcion.
You may try : MiningPoolHub and Suprnova.

What APP?

I used "ccminer-2.0-rc3-bitcore-x64-cuda-7.5"; which is optimized for Nvidia GPUs and added suport for BitCore algo. Get it here :

P.S. I should thank mr. "IMineBlocks" who suggested this app and recorded a video on youtube about how to mine BitCore. Check The Video Below:

Nvidia 820M 2G performance

The intesity was put to "9" whbich allows 512 threads producing a hash rate 137 KH/s.


The ZPOOL miner page (BTC adress) shows information about the minig process. Unfortunately I have to wait for 24hrs to check the earnings in BTC.

P.S. I know that mining with low performace GPUs won't be profitable; But, I learn as I go and finding more to test will improve my mining experience especially when I become ready to build my first mining rig.

My Impressions!

1-- High performance GPUs produce faster calculation and so better earning rates.
2-- is a nice service mining pool; it converts your earned BTX to BTC so you end up earning BTC while mining BTX.
3-- Th conversion from BTX to BTC takes more than 24hrs to finish which is a disadvantage.

Thanx 4 reading so far.
Have A Nice Day;


Excellent, informative and well written post.

Thank you sir; But; how long does it take to mine 1 coin with bigger hashes ??? can u tell??? with only single card ????

check out:
or just google: btx mining calculator
never seen a coin where this didn't gave me a good result.
There you can configure how much hashes you have and how many days/weeks/month it takes to generate one coin.

you are here aswell :)

Good article.
Right now the network experiencs a strange increase in Hasrate... maybe this will be over soon or maybe some big whale joined the mining. Time will tell.
This mean currently mining with a GPU will only pay very very small amounts of BTX.

And what do u suggest to solve the problem?!

Just had to wait until a new block was solved, difficulty is normal again. Mining should work well.

Hey, thanks for the article. Have you had any issues mining with this software? I keep getting gpu errros every few minutes using it. My intensity is set to 19 by default though. Does it matter?

I would like to know how many btx can you mine in 24 hours? Thanks

What kind of computer do you recommend for mining this coin?

Best is to mine with Nvidia cards, more info here:

Appreciate the reply, I am very new to this. All I have currently is a Mac book Pro and was wondering if theres a way I could mine with my Mac and a Nvidia card or should I buy a different computer with the card?

Good article, didn't knew there were still pools to convert directly thx for that. Do you only mine them for btc tho ? I think btx could become a big coin.