rx 460,470 rx 570,580... not worth it!steemCreated with Sketch.

in mining •  2 years ago

if anybody has a mining rig I highly recommend to don't use this graphic cards any more....

the thing is, now with all these ups and downs, crypto value, rising the price of currencies, many people started to mine! Its getting harder and harder to mine, like who is beginner in this world and with help of my friends who earn from 1k to 40k per month... I want to help you guys and tell you from my site of view that it's not worth it!


they are realy good right now for mining, but I am sure who ever wants to go into this mining world, don't invest your money in this graphic cards!

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you gave no reason to why...
If you manage to get cards it's worth it. Eth will get harder to mine, but the price will probably go up even faster.


I will give reson in next blog, it's not about how hard will it be, it's about the software that will this cards have....

oh god those riser are so dangerous for mining x) and not worth in energy cost at the end