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RE: GUIDE: Mining with CPU or older GPU? Is it possible? #1

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I use NiceHash Miner on my gaming system when im not using it as well as my media server. Between 2 GTX 970s in the desktop and a R9 280x in the server i make about $3.50+/day (at current rates just under $100 USD/month). It works quite well.


Very nice! You can always rent your hashpower out to make even more too, but then you would have to manually configure other mining programs. Nicehash and Minergate make it SOO easy!

Check this out, MiningRigRentals lets you rent or lease out your hashpower. You can make a lot more than you would normally mining, if someone rents it.

You can see what rigs I currently have up for rent by checking my profile: HERE

The website is very awesome. For anyone trying to take it a step further, I highly recommend. More to come on that! Thanks for the input!