3th miningfarm / Next month ready!

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3th miningfarm / Next month ready!

Let's gain some altcoins!



damm son! What a big farm :o !

Cool big bigger

I'm building my own small mining farm in the basement of my house but i'm a little bit worried about how dry the air has to be.

Is it a problem when the relative humidity is about 70% ?

With the temps miners run humidity is not really an issue. They are too hot for condensation to happen! ;)

Ok thx i thought about the temps but was not sure if there is something i didn't think about. Then will only be the dust a problem but cleaning with air pressure should be easy.

A huge mining farm! What do you mining here?

ethereum, bitcoin, litecoin and dash!

Very good list of crypto!

Nice! All the best to you!

Interesting article, good info :) Please upvote and follow me :) #vincentb

Looks nice, good mining!

thanks my friend!

What was your initial investment to get the hardware? Just curious

Wow! This mining farm is BIG!

Wow looks awesome. Will you be mining several altcoins?

a lot of altcoins! We have another mining farm with gpu mining: ethereum duo miners = We will mine 2 coins at the same time!

Is this what it takes to mine? Jesus!

i was starting small ;)! focus and believe !

These mining farms are fascinating. Guess I should put one in my shop
Slightly altered process than 100 years ago

Thank you for posting. This farm is going up in real time and it is amazing to see it mature.

Welcome @gentstudent to Steemit! Great introduction and thanks for sharing....pretty amazing of all your photos of your cryto mining farming! I added and followed you on Steemit, will be awesome if you check out my contents and follow me as well, and hope we can stay connected and support each other~ :)!

wow this is such an incredible operation!!

Wow... indrukwekkend...
Recupereer je de warmte? Daar kan je volgens mij bijna de hele wijk van warm water voorzien...

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