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Hello guys, I'm so excited I don't know how to begin :D
2 days ago I "meet" a guy online he was asking for feedback on his site. To be honest, I heard about it a week ago, but I didn't want to try it I was thinking that I need to put all my pool passwords and I didn't want to.
And now for sure, you are asking what the heck I'm talking about :D This crazy guy on the new eve had a brilliant idea and instead of partying and drinking he made this awesome app/site.
I'm sure that I'm not the only one that I'm using more pools and as well mining different coins, yes I'm talking again about crypto mining :D ok enough with the talking let's dive into the subject.
I want to share with you guys this awesome collector of mining dashboards, yes it's a website where you integrate an Api from your pool from where you mine and it is collecting all the data for you. So you don't need to insert all you pools passwords and stuff you just name the pool where you mine and insert the Api in this site.
First, when I understand the idea I was so excited and I ask him if I can customise my dashboard to be in a dark theme and he said yes and in less than half an hour I could change the theme from the settings area from white to dark.
The thing that i like most is that I can see in real time all my miners/workers from all the pools in a single webpage mining different coins and what their status is.
I don't know about you but almost all the time when I was checking one of the pools that I was mining into I was thinking I made x coins today hmm how much is this worth and I was going to a different website to check the price and to make the calculation. The nicest thing it's that here on this dashboard you have everything! Yes, you "heard" me right!
Here you have The price of BTC and you can put all the currencies that you know to convert it in to and you have automatically added all the coins that you mine. So for example, If you mine Verium you have the price of Verium in Satoshi and Dollar and you can add all the currencies that you want to convert to it, plus it will automatically tell you how much dollars you have according to the mined coins that you have in the pools.
So you will have an overall info about what your miners are doing and how much have you earned all in one place! Isn't it cool?
Please go and try this website and I really want your opinion about it! And the coolest thing is that if you have any idea that can improve Jakob (is his name) will implement it as soon as he can! He is very responsive to the new ideas and he is a very nice guy. I'm so proud that I have a new friend from Serbia.
He is a web developer and you can check also other crazy things that he made in the past!
Here are some of his hobby projects and you can also follow him on GitHub I will link all his work
https://www.sentinelactive.com/ ← his day job
http://jakobdesign.com/ I told you its crazy :D <- this particular one was hand drawn :D
Ok with all the "descriptions" now let me show you the Pool Attractor that website that I told you about and let me show you some insides

You can find the API Key that I tould you about in every pool that you mine in the:
My Account -> Edit Account area
The link to this awesome website it's this

If you found this link useful don't forget to upvote, so I will be able to add more quality content!

This are some sample's from where you can make an idea about the website
This is the Main Dashboard

Here you have the Pool Settings area where you can add remove or edit a pool

From Here you can add your pool details

Like this its looks the Settings area

First version, not a website, this is how first local version looked like:

Looking forward to your experience with this website

Happy Mining!


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