Cryptomatoes, Or Tomatoes Raised By Harvesting Heat From Cryptomining, Are A Real Thing

in mining •  8 months ago

What would you do if you would have a relatively big crypto exchanging and mining operation? Not with the money, because that's quite obvious, but with all that excess heat?

Well, the co-founder of a Czech exchange, NakamotoX, Kamil Breicha, thought to grow tomatoes. And by looking at his first crop, it does seems the business model was validated:

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 2.32.12 PM.png

That's a screenshot of his Twitter timeline and, as you would imagine, the image was retweeted more than one thousand times.

The success of this test will go a long way proving that, with the right attitude, the so called "environmental damage" of cryptos can be largely alleviated.

Breicha said at some point that he even thought about growing marijuana, but the "legislative hurdles" would have been too much.

Well, I'm absolutely ok with tomatoes, I say! Every time I'll make a salad, I will try to guess which helped in the process:

"Was a tiny little Bitcoin generating the heat for this salad? Or probably a decent Litecoin? Hmm, nope, this one tastes just like Ethereum..."

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Unbelievable! Is this real?


Apparently, yes. Didn't see it with my own eyes, I just share the photo from Twitter.

Conversation (in my head) between reporter and Brejcha:

Reporter: "What would you say to all your critics that you're wasting precious energy and only heating up the environment with all this unnecessary crypto-mining?"

Brejcha: "Well, I'm not sure who all is saying that, but we really like cherry tomatoes for eating and topping salads, so we've got a greenhouse where the excess heat goes. The tomatoes are doing quite well, by the way."

Reporter: "That'"

Brejcha: "Here, would you like to try one? They're really delicious."

Reporter: "Whoa! That's amazing. Zesty, yet..."

Brejcha: "With a hint of STEEM? We thought that would be a nice touch."

Let the era of crypto-crops begin!


Very good @glenalbrethsen. 😂 😁 😂

Such extensions to the uses of crypto mining farms might help counter the critic of cryptos which states that mining is a waste of energy. Thanks for sharing the news about this nice idea, @dragosroua :)

I'm already seeing the future here, imagine powering hydroponic plantations in Mars while mining the new Mars official cryptocurrency!


Now that's a whole new game! I reckon the value of cryptos mined on Mars might be a little bit lower than on Earth. Gravity, you know... :))

That's an amazing Idea,
What a creative mind he have.

Aside from getting the obvious from crypto currencies which is money, one can also get tomatoes from it. This is quite interesting, with these alot of other green house products can be cultivated

It should be obvious that waste heat should be used for something productive. It just needs people to work together on the problem. There was a company that leased servers you could use to heat a house. Just a problem in the summer

Very funny last paragraph @dragosroua. I love the sentiment behind this though. Hope more peopl follow his lead. It's inspired! 😊

I first heard about this on @taskmaster's blog yesterday and I didn't know if he was joking or not. It sounded like a joke to me. I tot bitcoin was virtual currency , how come does mining it give out heat which is used in the production of cryptomatoes.

Hahahahahaaaa, very cool combintion, Cryptomining + Tomatoes = agriculture of the future!

That's an amazing Idea

Total annual energy output of the hundreds of thousands of dedicated mining machines is the same level of energy consumption as of Denmark.
So you can imagine what enormous amounts of energy is utilized in cryptomining. No wonder it is accused of causing "environmental damage".
But hats off to kamil brejcha for coming up with this brilliant innovation!

Thanks for share such a great post.

This is goodnews, with the way things re going, I'm beginning to think that Blockchain and crptocurrency is just the future. They would fight it, but I think these bind-blowing innovations have come to stay, the future is here, what else? Crypto cars, crypto house, crypto clothes, crypto food etc.

Possibilities are here!

Thanks for your beautiful post....

First of all quite a curious mind growing cryptomatoes. Haha now menu's be like roasted chicked with boiled cryptomatoes, mutton kanti with cryptomatoes soup etc etc😂😂

Nice photography

I visited b4 few years back finland. They have a very huge WWTP.STP plant in Helsinki inside a big mountain under the level of the earth by 25 mtr.
My idea to them..
In that location they can produce energy for mining from stp gases and very cold room for mining rigs plus there is some heat to plant tomato too

tomatoes grow very similar to weed so the framework and technique can easily be adapted when the time comes.

Yeah, we could have a salad at our table....
The Crypto Salad:)

Hahahaha freaking hilarious!
On a more serious note, it’s really good to see people being creative about how to use the excess heat, I have been trying to think of a way of heating a swimming pool with a small mining farm :) but tomatoes looks yummy too!

Wow, beautiful,nice post👌👌

Such extensions to the uses of crypto mining farms might help counter the critic of cryptos which states that mining is a waste of energy. Thanks for sharing the news about this nice idea, @dragosroua :)

That’s pretty impressive. I assume they don’t grow in the same room as the humidity would damage the hardware. I wonder how healthy these tomatoes are. The image looks pretty good.

Now... that's an entrepreneurial mindset! Nothing is wasted, you'll get a favorable media coverage for your main business and a decent crop of tomatoes. :)


Wow! Thanks for sharing. This is certainly interesting and takes advantage of one of the core concepts of permaculture, stacking functions. The world needs to see more of these efficient initiatives - using a cutting edge tehnology’s “Waste resource” (heat) and producing a much-needed product. I hope others take note! 💕 We’ve resteemed this post @the-hearth, @mountainjewel’s earth-centered curation account. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for share such a great post.

What a wonderful idea, i would be interested to know his exact setup, as farr as exhaust fans and duct work. We are working on building a shed to house the miners and looking to kick the heat directly outside if we cant find a good process for moving the heat. Thank you for sharing. Looks like my future only on a much smaller scale!

what a clever idea @dragosroua. I love how these guys think!!

Literally never heard of this and never would have thought of it. I'd say they taste better than regular tomatoes lol

wow things are changing completely this is going to be more awesome :D

Utilizing of excess heat for growing Tomato is a great idea. I like it. Cultivating marijuana may give more money but it is illegal. Kamil Breicha comes with great idea. Thanks for sharing @dragosroua