@cfminer Investors Report 09.03.2018 - Ahash Payout Done, Current Mining

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Hi guys,

The ahash pool payment was finally done, it was 0.00757 BTC - 0.0005 BTC is still there but we're gonna leave it there fow now.

Currently I'm testing something new that is aimed to solve the main problem with the auto profit switching pools - they switch all miners to one coin, everybody is mining this one coin and profitability suddenly drops for everyone.

To overcome that I've pointed the rig to mine specific algos only and not switch to the reported, most profitable one. I take the most profitable algos from whatttomine.com and those ones usually stay at the top of the table for a long time (or all the time in fact).

But to add some variety I'm mining 3 top algos at once - each with 2 GPUs - equihash (the most profitable one for nvidia since like forever:), lyra2v2 and neoscrypt.

Wallet addres: https://www.zpool.ca/?address=3EhQvk2KorUEVjmEd9giudUurE17UjQinL

Ahash pool with autoprofit switching was making around 0.001 BTC daily (NiceHash is also low now because of the dip). Let's see how this one works out :)



well done CF!! thanks bro! over 20% paid back on investment.

Good work. I'm slowly starting to believe this is not a scam, but you're actually doing (and paying) what you've promised;-)

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