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Hello everybody,

this is my first post and I would like to introduce a small little service that the company I work for has recently created: It's called "Speed Mining Service" and allows anyone to purchase a stake in our mining operation and get a return on the investment through a deployed smart contract on the Ethereum network.

We are building a cutting edge mining operation, and also have government subventions for electricity costs in Hokkaido (Japan's coldest area). Currently we utilize exclusively GTX 1080 Ti cards, and will upgrade our operations to thousands of 7nm mining machines in 2018. The cards are utilized in an ecologically way and the heat generated is used to heat the office spaces in the building that houses the data centers.

Our staff is working around the clock on operating the mining farm and ensuring the most efficient use of the hardware in terms of profit to be paid out to our stakeholders.

If you're interested in a steady income you can purchase some stake by buying SMS tokens on one of the exchanges listed here:

Unfortunately, we can not pay out dividends while the tokens are being held by exchanges. To receive your correct amount of dividends (paid in Ethereum), transfer the SMS tokens to a wallet and register your wallet address on

One of many 12 GPU rigsBuilding another one

Happy staking.

Your buhrmi

Ps.: We're hiring :) If you're interested in crypto-currency and the future of global commerce, feel free to reach out.

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Nice to see you’re doing good with your company! Me an my friend are kind of waiting for another high for BTC so he can invest his profits in a mining rig. After that initial 1st rig we plan to turn it into a real company selling hashpower. You mentioned you guys are hiring? I’m interested ;)

Hi, can i have news of sms?