Heads Up Miners!!!

in mining •  2 years ago

Since the split into bitcoin cash; bitcoin miners have really been enjoying their payouts. Bitcoin usually had been sitting around 40-50th of most profitable coins to mine. Lately it has been breaking into the top 10. Before reading further I'll will preface by saying that my source for this info Bitcoinwisdom.com had previously been down for over 2 weeks. Well it's back up and running. Let's me warn you though it is scary looking.

A recent chart pulled from them show a 20+% increase coming our way in approximately 2.3 days or so. Take this for what you will but bitcoinwisdom.com has always had great info as far as what miners can expect.

All credit for this info should be directed toward https://bitcoinwisdom.com/bitcoin/difficulty

Let me know what u guys think?

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