Mining in June 2018 (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero)

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Major changes are coming to the Mining Eco-system for both Bitcoin and Ethereum, including new ASICs from GMO that use 7nm chips. These chips are both more power efficient and powerful in terms of hash/chip. However, they are not priced aggressively and don't immediately spell profit for miners.

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I wish I could afford to become a miner!

I am looking forward to decentralization - lessening the power of the large, centralized mining operations.

GMO will sell like butter....I can't wait to get one

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Bitquin is one of the most powerful electronic currencies
Really investing it is great and very nice
A very special article
Thank you for your information

Bitcoin is by far the most powerful and secure.

Amigo @boxmining. nada cuesta intentarlo. Estamos en una época de muchos cambios financieros y las criptomonedas son el centro de esos grandes cambios

As mining technology becomes more advanced, the blockchain will need to become more nimble on makibg changes to ensure security. I have been interested in mining but for whatever reason it seems complex and capital intensive. Maybe a deep dive episode on setups and getting started like tutorial would help. Thanks!

Maybe I want to invest in something like this I'm inn a mining Clouds
and have a smart node to. but my out put in the Cloud is very low. its in the + but not a lot. its interesting.

Hello @boxmining pleas can you explain how to sell sbd on bittrex,its really very confusing or is there another market that is better!

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