Litecoin Miner Stats Update

in mining •  2 years ago 

The weather has warmed up considerably--along with the humidity--and it is now 25°C (77°F) in the house with all of our windows open. This is not an exaggeration, this is becoming a regular issue that seriously needs this new cooler built. I received the pump and DC power supply for it, but I have not received the filter and moisture trap. Also, with my new schedule (work when I'm awake) I'm having some difficulty working on the cooler through the week. So, I suppose what this means to you, the reader, is: you get to see pictures of the build sooner. Let's dive in...

As you can see, the miners are all very happy at the moment, despite what they're doing to my house. The hash rate has recovered slightly, but we're still only making 0.37 LTC/day. The market has, of course, been tremendously generous, but it's actually so hot, I don't care. Distribution is tonight, which is exciting, and then we can set the counter to zero and watch a full month of mining here.

Not much else to report, but the cooler project will absolutely have to happen this weekend--and I will actually take some pictures of all of that since it doesn't involve potentially dangerous science like the vacuum insulated tank housing the pressurized cool air staging system. Not that the device would normally be particularly dangerous, except that I do not recommend some of the air conditioner modifications that I performed unless you really have a good grasp on refrigerant and refrigerant systems. Also, I did much trial and error building long before I had a Steemit account--or even knew what it was. I digress.

Still feeling very good about the mining operation. Even though I'm experiencing some foreseeable effects that are somewhat uncomfortable, I know that it's something I can fix soon and it shows me a certain durability to the machines and the project overall.

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