Litecoin Mining Stats Update

in mining •  2 years ago 

Today has been fairly uneventful as far as the rig goes, which is good. It's been one of those days that it seems difficult to push myself to write anything, so if I'm short, you'll know why. Here we go.

As you can see, the rig is still a little crippled on hash rate, only mining 3.6 LTC/day at the moment. I picked up some supplies at the local auto parts store and began building the immersion cooling test-bed. I still need to pick up an adequate pump, but I did get two different transmission coolers, some line, a large polypropylene container, and a couple of gallons of mineral oil.

I will be testing with only one miner once I've run some initial testing with the pump I have yet to purchase, a smaller container, and a Raspberry Pi I intend to overclock and burn-in to failure. If I get the results I've calculated, I should be able to run the miners as high as the PSUs will let me take them without worrying about heat. Even getting the heat out of the house will be much easier--just a couple of holes I can run the inlet/outlet lines to the coolers through.

There will definitely be a post about the testing procedure and results coming later.

The market has been good to the miners' value, although we still have the Lunar New Year coming--a historically down time for the market--but I believe Litecoin has plenty of staying power, as well as growth potential.

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