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Good afternoon,

BBT just completed an update to our free Multi-Miner program (actually just a .bat file on steroids). Our goal with the Multi-Miner was to simplify a pre-configured mining tool that allows you to just update you're wallet address, weblogin, worker name and save. Once you run, select the appropriate token you wish to mine. Thats essentially it!

Hours of time configuring, testing-fix-test went into making sure the syntax was correct and configured appropriately. The key features of the multi-miner.

Changes between v5.5 to v5.6.1

• Corrected many menu options
• Consolidated miners into single folder, under 'miners' in folder root
• Added/updated 11 miners (total 29 individual miners)
- Claymore v10.1 as example
• Fixed 18+ syntax bugs (Tested all options)

• Deprecated Zclassic + PASC
• Deprecated Ubiq EU based pool
• Deprecated Litecoin
• Deprecated Dash

• Added Monero VEGA Support
• Added Monero nVidia Support
• Added Komodo Coin
• Added Vertcoin
• Added Zcoin
• Added Bitcoin Gold
• Added Electroneum
• Optimized Ethminer supporting both amd and nvidia cards

So now what?

Download Multi-Miner 5.6.1




Download NotePad++ - this is used to edit the .bat file

Once NotePad ++ is installed, edit the Batch file with NotePad ++ (right-click, edit in notepad ++)

First Step : Change the wallet addresses that you are going to mine with
i.e. if your going to mine ethereum, update the address (after the "=")
SET ETH_WALLET_ADDRESS=0xF897EaFdb787AcD4Da5e2EB5003E42dc1Ef86d39

Second Step : Change all pool related settings
(Change content only after the "=")

SET MINER_WEBLOGIN=bitsbetrippin <- Username used in multiple pools ( and miningpoolhub)
SET WORKER_PASSWORD=x <- Password used for workers on various pools, usually set to x
SET MINER_NAME=bbtworker01 <- identifies the miner name for some pools
SET <- email address, if set in miner will get notification when offline

Save changes
If settings need to be saved, icon will be blue

Once clicked, will turn grey

** Now you're ready to run the Multi-Miner **

The basic setup is Token Type (coin) and type of GPU you're using, in this example we are going to select Ethereum, by Typing "3" and hitting enter. The screen will start up the miner passing the variables you just updated above. Once you have an accepted share, your mining now!

Note there are nearly 60 options in the multi miner, when you start it up, you may need to use your mouse scroller to move up and see all of the options

Additionally, you may get the windows firewall request to add an exception, allowing access is recommended

Once mining has started, you should be able to see a screen that looks like this (will have different look depending which miner you select)

** Now at this point you can hit the X and try all of the other mining types and get a good benchmark on what your rig/machine is capable of. Just typing the various options will automatically activate the appropriate miner.

If you want to do some advance editing, adding in specific functions or changing pools, you can do that too by editing the batch file and scrolling down to the appropriate miner syntax and doing an in line edit. A typical good example of doing an edit would be to include potential direct Core or Memory clock changes (AMD Only) on the miners that support those switches. As an example, adjusting power, voltage core and memory on claymore v10.1 syntax lines as shown :
-powlim -10 -cvddc 1000 -mvddc 1000 -cclock 1050 -mclock 2025

This effectively passes the variables:
Set the power limit to -10
Set the Core Voltage to 1.000v
Set the Mem Voltage to 1.000v
Set the Core Clock to 1050mhz
Set the Memory Clock to 2025mhz

Now most of those changes are only good for AMD based cards. With nVidia you will need to use a tool like afterburner or EVGA Precision.



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As stated above, BBT has no hidden fees or charges for the Multi-Miner updates. All miners included are compiled and any that have ‘dev’ fees are left in place. Please refer to the particular miner/version for details. We provide this to the community and accept your donations as thanks! BBT will continue to strive and serve the community better. Helping us with resources has a DIRECT correlation to the content you see. We are not a fly by night channel, have been serving the space since early 2013!


No money to donate, but purchasing stuff on amazon regularly, please consider saving this as your amazon bookmark, or launching off ANY of our affiliate amazon links in video’s, website, or shop

Anything you purchase after that link for a short time will allow for a small contribution to our channel. This is the easiest way for you to donate and not have to give directly! Still buy your stuff on amazon like a boss!

You can donate to any of the address below for the particular cryptocurrency:

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Lbry Credits= bNHQxsH1RMBjBNYXXjmhNMuspU9z1k2B6c
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I'm curious, can I run multiple instances at once on a machine? I have a 1080 and Vega on the same machine. Thanks for giving us what probably took ages to put together! It's products like this that is helping us move forward in supporting the various chains.

Great stuffs, thanks for sharing. :) Please check out my website: and share.

Thank you so much for everything you do! :)

With Bitcoin Gold going LIVE- will the BBT Multi-Miner need to be updated to support the live network?

Thx for your effort guys, I noticed that for XMR based coins we still need to add the JSON file. Maybe a little how to txt file would help the new comers :) You also forgot to add the necessary for PIRL coin for example, I guess it is still under construction ....

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