Halving is coming

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It would be another 1 year before bitcoins block mining rewards gets halved. So now, all blocks mined pays about 12.5 BTC per block and at every 210,000 blocks it gets halved. This would meant that 6.25 BTC rewards per block mined.

The question would be is that will this boom the price of the market as it gets harder and more expensive to mine blocks ? When Bitcoin first came out we all could use our computers to mine BTC however now , mining these with computers would be too slow and only large warehouses of mining farms using natural cooling and almost free electricity would be worth mining BTCs

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Over the pass week we have seen a nice bull run with BTC and some key alt coins and for those who were trading actively on the BTC markets, would have taken advantage of the up and down and up and down.

I have tried mining before and in my own opinion, I do think that learning to trade the crypto markets is way much more fun then maintaining machines.

But that's just me, I do enjoy learning up new altcoin projects and see if its worth investing in .

So what about you ? Mining or Trading ?

have a good day !

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I'm not super technical... but doesn't the amount of miners dictate the difficulty? So when it halves, and miners drop out... then the difficulty can also drop, right back until it does get back to people just mining on their personal computers (if enough people drop out).

So, if all that's right... I don't really see a problem with people not making as much... there will always be miners... for years dudes were mining a coin that they didn't think any value at all...

the difficulty is part of the design and it changes every 2016 blocks. so the difficulty does changes depending on how long it took to mine the previous 2016 blocks.

We made a quick page for Bitcoin and Litecoin halving which everyone can access at https://www.coingecko.com/en/explain/bitcoin_halving and https://www.coingecko.com/en/explain/litecoin_halving.

These 2 events are something to definitely keep a close eye on.

awesome stuff .. thanks for the links

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For mining, i was to late allready :-) But Trading, yes- not to late

trading = fun = faster profits ... or you can loose your pants

Definitely not mining..too complicated to understand...😅

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