TESTING GTX 1070 in games and MINING!!

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Testing Palit GTX 1070 JetStream.

Hello! I want to write a little review about my new videocart Nvidia GTX 1070 . This card is just amazing at perfomance/watt and even the price is not bad. It costs about 400$, but it gives the higher perfomance than the old flagman GTX 980 Ti. The GTX 1070 consumes just about 150W of electricity, and it looks even more impressive, when you see it's clocks - up to 1870 Mhz in boost by defualt (without OC (with my sample))!

Ok. Let's look at the main features of this card and it's specifications.

  • 16 nm GP104 silicon "GP104-200-A1" GPU
  • 1920 CUDA cores
  • 15 out of 20 streaming multiprocessors enabled
  • 120 TMUs
  • 64 ROPs
  • 256-bit GDDR5 memory, 8 GB standard memory amount
  • Maximum GPU Boost frequency ~1,700 MHz
  • 6.45 TFLOP/s single-precision floating point performance
  • 150 W TDP, single 8-pin PCIe power connector
  • 3x DisplayPort 1.4, 1x HDMI 2.0b

My sample is Palit GTX 1070 JetStream, it is custom model, not referens. But all specifications are the same, exept the videoports - my card has 3x DP, 1x HDMI and 1x DVI.


The perfomance level of this card is close to the reference, because it comes without factory OC, but it has very powerful and effective cooling system! Yes, it takes about 2.5 slots, but it gives you very low temperatures without any noise. 

I want to say, that this model (and all "Jetstreams" and "GameRock" series) gives you one of the best cooling. I compared this card to G1 Gaming from Gigabyte and the last one produced rather more noise, than Palit.

So I think, this model will be a very good variant for people, that like silence...and for miners I think too, because at 60% fans the card temperatures didn't hit even 60C while the card was overclocked to 2000/9000 Mhz!!! It's amazing.

See some photos:


Ok. Conclusion about the cooling system.

  1. It is 28,5 cm length/ 5,5 cm height/ 12 cm width
  2. It has two 100 mm very quite fans
  3. It has 5 heatpipes
  4. It brings the temperatures of GPU at 65C by default/ and at 55-60C with 60% fan rpm with 2000/9000 OC


The perfomance level is very high. This card can be usefull even at 4K, but the usual resolution seems to be 2560x1440. At this resolution you can play almost all games with 60 fps with ultra settings. With OC you can expect additional ~10-15% perfomance gain.

A little bit of tests.

The system specs are very funny (you will say, that I'm idiot))):

  • Intel Core i3 4330, 3.5 Ghz
  • 4 GB DDR3 1600 Mhz
  • SSD 240 GB
  • PSU 400W Chieftech!!
  • GTX 1070 with OC (2000/9000 Mhz)
  1. Battlefield 4 (1920x1080, ULTRA, resolution scale 200%; MP Map "Metro"): >60 fps!
  2. The Witcher 3 (2560x1440, ULTRA with HairWorks ON; "White Garden, the beginnig with Vesemir"): >50 fps
  3. 3DMark Extreme: 9450 GPU score
  4. 3DMark Ultra: 4700 GPU score
  5. GTA V (4K, FXAA, Ultra): >55 fps

That's all my game tests. I bought this card for mining)))


This is a monster mining card...at some algorytms)

First of all, I will tell about the most effective algos for this card.

1) Lyra2Rev2 (Vertcoin, Monacoin) - you can reach up to 41-42 Mhs with OC (up to 2050-2100 Mhz by core).

This algo boosts well if you will overclocking the core Fq, not the memory. I set smth like that: 1950/6000 Mhz - so, I increase the core by +150 Mhz, and decrease the memory by -1000 Mhz.

The profit. One OC card can give now about 3-3.5$ daily at Lyra2Rev2 algo. Power consumes is about 150-170W.

2) Blake2s (b, etc) (Decred, Siacoin, etc) - At Decred algo you can have the hashrate up to 2800 Mhs with OC. At Sia mining you can expect up to 1700-1750 Mhs with OC with todays miners.

These algos also like high core FQ, so you may overclock just the core.

Profit. You can expect 2-2.5$ daily for now. Consumption is the same.

3) CryptoNight (XCN) - I have reached 15 Mhs at this algo. I couldn't find some recent and optimized miner, so the profit can be bigger, if you will find a good miner. 

Algo likes the core and memory boost, but the high memory clocks it likes more) You can boost the card to 1950-2000/9000-9400 Mhz and expect 16-17 Mhs.

The profit. Smth around 2.5-3$ daily.

4) Neoscrypt (FeatherCoin) - The card (with OC) gives me 850 Khs at neoscrypt. 

Profit. It gives 2-3$ daily.

5) LBRY (LBRY credits) - I don't know, I haven't a miner, but gues told, that the card gives around 190 Mhs at this new algo with some specific miner, that is very very profitabel for now. I'm waiting for free nvidia miners...










That's all, but not at all. I don't have too much time to write a lot. But you can post your questions, maybe I'll post again smth you want)

Thank you.

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