Watt tool, your best friend in mining cryptocurrency efficiently

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Hello dear Steemians

Recently i came across many posts talking about Watt tool and it's benifits, and other people talked about the fact you see the GPU power draw in TechPowerUp GPU-Z application doesn't mean it's the real power usage!

Here's an example:
This is my Sapphire 7950 3GB card mining Ethereum

If you watch closely the numbers that i circled it'll look kinda weird plus didn't convinced me at all that a Tahiti card use this small amount of power i know right! i have an Sapphire RX 480 4GB that hashes more and doesn't show this numbers! which made me realize it's time to buy a Watt tool.

I did some research online about watt tools until this one caught my eye immediately
The Brennenstuhl eco-line multiway extension energy meter em 235

It comes with 2 manuals written in 10 languages that are understandable and easy to read

The reasons why i bought this energy meter:

  • Multiway energy meter with 1.5m cable lenth
  • it has Childproof protection
  • Easy to use
  • Read some reviews, people like it and said it calculates accurately

I made some tests on my Budget rig (7950+7850) and here's what i got:

  • Testing it mining Equihash (Zcash)

  • Testing it mining CryptoNight (Monero)

After testing it for several days i must say:

  • It calculates accurately (watt, amp, cost)
  • Survives the electricity surges (had some 2 days ago)
  • Can deal with a lot of power drawing devices (up to 2000w)

Thanks for reading, i hope you like my article, feel free to ask me about anything and i will answer you
Have a good day.


I like the meter integrated into the strip, very nice.
Wattage meters are a must for miners, I have the old fashion Kill-A-Watt meter plugged into mine but will definitely find online these power strips going forward. Thanks for posting.

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