New mining gpu nvidia p-106-100?

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Nvidia p-106-100 its the new GPU from nvidia dedicated for mining only Asus, Msi, Zotac these are the company which are providing these gpu.

Its an new version of gtx 1060 but its performance is 36% more than gtx 1060 as claimed by company but it come with a warranty of only 3 months i had heard that amd is also planning to launch some more dedicated mining gpu in August.

I am really confused about mining please some one help me with that which GPU is best for now.

As i already have gtx 1060 6 gb so i would like to buy 4 more GPU of nvidia. I am considering these GPU's

  1. Gtx 1060 6 gb
  2. Nvidia p-106
  3. Gtx 1070 8 gb

Please send me if you have some more suggestions. And please mention from where i can buy those.


Does it game 36% better or does it mine 36% more or does it mine the same with 36% less watts used? I will have to investigate this one. But gaming-wise that would put it close to the 1070 especially with a small overclock since it already has so much vRAM. Might buy one if it can stand up to Radeon's for mining. It is impossible to find a good Radeon for cheap. So pissed I gave away my 7850's!!! Traded six of them for Amazon gift cards and bought SLI GTX 780's which were great for gaming at 1080p but couldn't hang hashing. Not even close. The 1060 or the 106p/p106 would be good however simply because AMD is so expensive and you could grab like 4-6 and mine pretty well with the correct settings and if they are meant for mining they will probably custom setting the clock and memory to get max hashing, I would expect. I'm going to keep an eye out for sure. When are they supposed to come out and also what do you plan on mining if you get them? I have a i7-6800k rn and two TX750's on a MSI X99A mb ready to go!

These are specially designed for minning so they must mine 36% more coin then gtx 1060 6 gb and they are bit cheaper then gtx 1060 6b in india. But their warrant is an issue its for only 3 months what if some thing wrong happen.

They are already in market but not available in India as importers are not taking risk as their warranty is for 3 months. I heared that its good for ETH hash rate is around 25 to 26 m/h but for Z cash its almost same right now i am getting 20.5 m/h for from 1060 6 gb after o/c.

I am searching if i could get 1 or 2 p106 and check for my self. Thanks for reply.

I am curious too if these mining GPUs are really profitable. The prices of regular GPUs nowadays are really high.

I will definitely tell you when i get one.

Thank you. What do you think of the new GPU from AMD the VEGA? They say it is the best Mining Card out there at the moment.

Not much information is available right now waiting for 15 august .

Yeah did not notice that, just read on some statements that it can reach a hash rate 70-100 MH/s . Will be waiting on 15 august too. Thanks

@vallesleoruther do you know where you find the quote 70- 100 MH/s? Can buy those too. But have the same stuggle, buy the 106p or the GTX 1060. Dont know, what to decide. Is the Hashrate really the same, thought the GTX 1060 Hashrate is higher than the p106 ? Right?

Hello I have seen it here:

but I think it is actually FUD. I think the best GPU now is the GTX1080 TI. I do not have any experience in buying or using the GTX 1060.

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So you say, the 106p has more power than the gtx 1060 right? Thought gtx 1060 must be stronger ?!

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