Less Presents, Less Stress?

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It is now days after Christmas and all of that will be loving creatures begin to stir once again. The street begins to hustle and bustle with consumerism met with panic from impulse deals. The world hasn't stopped turning either as according to Google, 95% of the world's population floats back down from the holiday high to prepare for the upcoming year. Personally, I wanted to create a micro-post on how wonderful this past holiday has been for me because I'm stress-free and glad to be. This is due to the fact of a major bottom line, presents were pleasantly scarce this year. For the little family, I do have left, the requests have been met. "Please loved ones, as close to little as possible." My Christmas hull was some small concert tickets, a candle, some tea, and hand sanitizer that this was fantastic.

I can't help but compare this year's stress level to my past years. The ones of which I managed to receive a full carload of gifts and not by request from a family that I am very fortunate to have, please don't get me wrong. Hopefully, we can both relate to this, getting the gift that you really didn't expect but in the back of your mind you can't help but wonder where you are going to put all of these new objects in your home and the joy it will be to clean on a regular basis.

This year was one of change, enduring the passing of my mother months before, it felt like the right time to experience minimal and findings are now in. I came home and only had to put a small handful of things away.

There are no Veruca Salt's in this family, let it be known! December 25th, did not go without some withdrawal. Watching the presents got passed out I had the feeling of "I guess that's it for me" but reminded myself of the request made months prior. The withdrawal subsided and was replaced with relief. In comparison to previous holidays, guilt was felt when I was present with abundant gifts. There are too many on this planet with practically nothing and I guess only some of us experience the remorse of the fat loot pile while watching World Vision Hunger ads. This year after the sitting with the new emotions, I was positively glad just like the Grinch on Christmas Day. No guilt, no anxiety of lack of space, transporting goods, valuables, thoughts of rehoming certain items etc... I recommend everyone 16 and up (16 and under if you are super courageous) request a minimal gift exchange next year. It is life changing, guarenteed.

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I am sure that you know I approve of this minimalist message! The stress associated with Christmas is needless. It's wonderful that you're finding ways to make the holidays enjoyable again!

Heck yes man! I'm trying to develop ways to present the concept to children. Just think of how priceless that message would be. This is what I've found so far.


The family I am already around (especially the children) have already caught the "stuff bug". I feel that now that so much stuff is in their lives, its going to be even more work to undo this habit. How would you go about that? (boom new post topic!)

Less is definitely less stressful.