My Minimalist Inspired Makeup Collection (Update)

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I can't believe it's been 10 months since I shared my first Minimalist inspired makeup collection. Looking back at the pictures, there's quite a few changes. I had 19 products then, I got rid off some, I replaced some and I still need to replace a few more, because makeup does expire even though I wish that wasn't the case, lol. At the moment, I am left with 11 products.

Current makeup collection:

I am happy to say that my collection is all cruelty free which means that none of the products I'm using are tested on animals! Yay! Most of the products are from Essence which is a very affordable and easy to find brand here in Serbia. Similar as Golden Rose. One product from Wet'n'wild was not bought in Serbia and lipbalm is all natural and handmade by a local brand called Little Fox.


Face products

In my first post, I included brow powder as part of face products but in this post it will be included in eye products. I definitely need to replace bronzer and powder, since they are broken and getting old. At least I got a good use out of them.


  • Bronzer - Essence 01 natural
  • Powder - Essence 04 Perfect Beige
  • Concealer - Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer 05 ivory


Eye products:

This one is pretty much the same. I replace mascara on regular basis but I was always getting the same one from Essence so the last time I though I would try something different. I'm liking the Essence one better than this Golden Rose one, but oh well. When it comes to eyeliners, I broke my brown one so I'm not sure if I will get that again or replace the black one. I would also like to replace the eyeshadows with smaller one, where there are maybe 4 shades.


  • Eyeshadow Palette - Essence All About Bronze 01 Bronze
  • Black Eyeliner - Essence 01 Black
  • Nude Eyeliner - Wet'n'Wild E607A Calling Your Buff!/Rose Naturel
  • Mascara - Golden Rose Perfect Lashes Great Waterproof Mascara
  • Eyebrow Powder - Golden Rose 105


Lip products:

This is where the most change happened which is weird since lip products are my favorite. I still love to keep my face and eye makeup very simple and change lip colors, it is fun and it's just my style. I had 8 lip products, now I have only 3! I think that this is where I will add some, probably a small lip gloss or liquid lipstick, we shall see.


  • Brown Lipstick - Essence Long Lasting 28
  • Raspberry Red Lipstick - Essence Adorable Matt 14
  • Lipbalm - Little Fox Coconut Lipbalm


When it comes to my views on makeup, it is still the same. Well, I think I even wear less makeup in the last few months. I can actually tell you that the last time I wore it was on the 6th of May and the reason I remember that is because I went to a celebration at my neighbor's home. I would still love to try out some 100% natural products but I still haven't got around to do it since they can be quite expensive and hard to find here, so shipping would be another cost. But I will do a little bit more research about it, you never know when things might change.


I would love to hear from you, what are your thoughts about makeup? As women, what do you use and how self-counscious you are about wearing makeup? As men, what are your thought about different makeup looks? I wish you all a lovely Sunday!


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All photos are my own, taken with iPhone 5.


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What a great article, and I appreciate you sharing your make up. I think now that I am getting maturer, that make-up becomes essential. At a minimum, I wear a face powder with some level of SPF sunscreen, a lipstick, and mascarra. In my purse, I always carry a facepowder and lipstick. WOW... I needed this article. A great reminder that it is that time again to cull out make up from my dresser !!! Like I have several lipstick and eyecolor pallets. I also have to replace my face brushes!


Thank you for this lovely comment!

I always forget about the SPF, this was a good reminder. I like the products you mentioned, lipstick and mascara are definitely some of my "must haves". It gives that simple, natural yet put together without much effort look.

Ah, yes! I have to replace a couple of brushes as well.

Thanks again for stopping by, I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday!

Oh, love those lipstick colors, I'll have to try some for myself!


I hope you will like them! :)

With make or no make up you are always beautiful.
I only use lipstick/lipbalm not much really hehe
I don't know how to use make up waaaaa hahaha

Keep shining @nikolina:)


Aww, thank you, my friend!

So that's one of the secrets of your young looking face? :D
I think that the best "makeup" you wear is your beautiful smile! :)