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Hey man! What's been going on everybody? It has been a good long while hasn't it? Where have I been? Well, that is not a very easy story, but one worth telling.

The last couple of weeks have been interesting. Lately buy minimalism has taken me to a strange place. I have an interesting way of doing things. In the physical world, I am doing things to further my minimalism. I'm getting rid of stuff. I'm getting rid of people. I am also cleaning up my Digital Life.

I also do things on a mental level. While I am doing some mundane task like doing the dishes, I let my mind wander. I explore different possibilities in my mind. Lately, my biggest exploration has been with minimalism and how far I can take it.

My minimalism has taken me, in my mind, to high place where I need no things. Things are convenience. Yes. Things make life easier. Yes. In my mind, though, I started to see things as a distraction. I was not sure what it was distracting me from though.

I came to this wall. Aya Travel on the path to minimalism in my mind so far but there was nothing left. I had no house, no car, no backpack, nothing. In my mind, I resembled something similar to those guys in India that has taken there spiritual Quest so far that's the only thing that they own is a loincloth.

Once I saw that picture in my head, I pushed that image on to what I saw on the other side of the wall. I have been on what I consider to be a spiritual Quest ever since.

I wanted so badly to find that thing that makes so many monks smile. I searched in many different religions and many different philosophies, but still could not find what it was that I was looking for.

I have been trying to figure out how to explain this without it sounding like an attack. Because you cannot see the tone of my voice in a blog post I will put up a short video that goes along with this post.

Needless to say, I am still which one could consider an atheist. But, I do not want to dwell upon titles. I want to make things simpler. Anger, hatred, and all of these other negative emotions make life far too complicated.

Names, titles, and classifications set up different levels of division. These different levels of division become so popular rised and important that they are worth fighting over. Sometimes even worth killing over.

I do not agree with the statement that all religions preach love, for the most part. If you dig into the holy books deep enough, you will find plenty of hatred and negativity. It is that hatred and negativity that so many other bad things revolve around.

I am tired of all of this pain that has been caused by this negativity. I am tired of the hatred, I am tired of the murder, I am tired of the war, I am tired period.

I have spent the last couple of weeks reading, watching videos, and listening to different podcast on a variety of different religions and philosophies and whatnots. Mix somewhere in there but almost all of it we're different levels of hatred or prescription or exclusion.

All of this research and got them me so down. It had worn me out emotionally. So much so that I began to dislike going to work. It started to get to the point that I knew once I got to work I was going to have to start digging again. At the very least I was going to be listening to all of those podcast again.

I also began to realize that I had a stronger desire to be home. Home is where my kids are. Home is where my wife is. Home is where my love is. That's what it hit me. Love.

Chip away at all of the names, titles, and other things we use to divide our selves and you will realize that they are all negative things. Once those are gone it is easy to see that the only thing left is love.

I am done with all of that stuff. All of that negativity has no more place in my life. I realize now that it is so much better to love. A hug feels so much better than a punch.

Well, I feel like I've swum around in the weeds long enough. Let's wrap this one up with a homework assignment. Find someone that you love, a friend, family, whatever, and give that person a hug. Not just a quick one with a little back slap handshake type of hug. But a real hug. Give that person a real bad and tell us what happened.

Make sure you check out all of my social stuff below. I hope that you have a fantastic day and I will talk to you later man!

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