Switching it up a little bit.

in minimalism •  10 months ago

Hey man! How are you doing today? I wanted to try and do something different today. If you are a subscriber to my podcast, you may have noticed that I have been doing more than one or two episodes per day. My reason for that is because my my podcast queue has become a bit of a mess. There were lots of episodes that did not upload and I have a lot more episodes that played hasn't been published it. As a minimalist this was driving me somewhat crazy.

So, I had decided to go through and do a great big Purge of my queue and just get them all out. Start fresh. I had run into some problems with my schedule. Also, my internet went down. My schedule kind of drags me away from the house after I get home with extra curricular activities. And my data plan is not the best so I can't really upload anyting more than a picture bye I'm out and about. I need to do that kind of stuff while I'm at home.

For however many podcast that I have out at this moment, I can tell you that there are a lot lot more that got started and did not finish. So many hours spits on the road talking to my phone disappeared. I would get so far into this conversation with my phone and something would just not be right. I paint myself into a corner that I couldn't talk myself out of I say the wrong thing, or I would cuss.

So, today I'm trying something new. I I'm going to start talking to text. This will make things a lot easier for me to edit. I won't have to delete an hour's worth of audio because it didn't come out right. I can stop and do a delivery and put down a couple of paragraphs. Or, when I stop for lunch, like I'm doing right now, I can put down a lot more then just a couple of paragraphs.

Do not get worried though! I will still be doing podcast I will still be doing some video I will still be trying to put up stuff on social network, but I would like to spend a bigger chunk of time focusing on my steemit blog and my dtube videos.

So if you could please, look below and find my social network links, go to these places so you can follow me, and most importantly so you can interact with me.


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