I am number one.

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Today's word for the day is self-reliance. I have been doing quite a bit of looking into Anarchy, atheism, homesteading, Etc. In the end, after all of this reading, after all of this blogging, after all of these podcast episodes Kama videos, whatever content, I've come to realize that there is only one person that you can rely on. That person is yourself.

Don't get me wrong, it is great to have a support system. I love my wife, children, and a very few select people that I call friend. These people have stood behind me through thick and thin and all of the crazy ideas that I have come up with in my life. I know that they've got my back and I will love them forever for it.

At the end of the day, when everybody else has gone to bed, gone to work, gone to tend to their own responsibilities, there remains only the self. When you strip away everything there is only the self That Remains.

There are thousands of different governments that are run thousands of different ways that control billions of people. They can make all the rules, laws, codes, and regulations that they so desire. What it comes down to it though, it is the self that decides whether or not to follow these laws.

There are thousands of religions that tell thousands of stories. The stories are fables and arment to guide people along a certain path of thinking. There are many rules, regulations, and in some instances, laws that these religions lay down upon their followers. Once again, it is the self that decides whether or not to follow this path.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been trying to Chip Away at all of the stuff that I have been considering what is me. Ultimately, I have found that they can throw down all of the laws and moral codes that they so desire, but it is up to me to decide whether or not I am going to follow. It is up to the self to decide.

So, the message that I hope you take away from this post today, is that you should rely upon yourself and no others. It is great to have a support system, but they cannot make the decision for you. They can only offer up suggestions and their own opinions.

Even family members and long time friends can walk away at any time they choose, but you are the one who has to live with your decisions. Make wise choices my friend and I will talk to you later man