Hey man!

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Long time no see! Busy man. Super busy. Good news, bad news. Bad news is we are moving. Good news is we are really crunching down on our #minimalism . Not exactly sure where the road is going to be leading from here, but i do know it's going to be a lot lighter from here. The last couple months we have had a couple of huge yard sales and got another coming up. Unfortunately, we are still going to uave way to much stuff and have to get another storage shed. This time though, we are going to be more strict about applying the #minimalist philosophy.

Going to a place with just a little bit less space is forcing us to minimize even further than we had planned at this place. Right now the plan is something like "a place for everything and everything in it's place".

Stay tuned for updates along the way. I plan on more time here and on social stuff. Going to lose internet ar home here in a couple days and data package canr handle video and audio stuff. So look for lots of text based posts from me for the next foreseeable future.

Later man!


Thanks for the vote Cahlen. How you been buddy?

Things have been crazy... Lots of changes. Finally found some time to just relax in the mountains.

Why do you have to move?

Landlord is selling the property. So...

Bummer man